August 16, 2007

Meditation anda Masturbation

Mat Gundo reportz! -Dear (fe)male readerz! Today we talkabout very male subject! Ofcourse also women they do it, everybody does it, but now we speak about this special nobody-talkz-about-it topic from Uribi male view! 'Oh, so disgusting' even some peoplez think, anda otherz say, it is good for you, getting everything overstreaming anda keep prostata healthy. If you going upon mountainz anda doing meditation, you hava to fighta with lots of temptationz, anda animalz from the deepest down worldz. You hava to purify yourselve, to become master of astral booty, after that, master of electric booty and finaly physio booty. In astral booty ara lots of desires, wishes anda otha fine thingiez, like anger, fear, etc. How to deal with them? We know that our anthropsfy friendz, if they ara truly going path of wisdom, they hava very few rulez to follow: ofcourse, first is: being humble (here, most of them allready are dropped down). But the rulez must coma out of them, in exercising the path and doing the 6 (7) so called 'Nebenübungen' (this has nothing to do with 'Nibelungen'), to become master of the own thinking, feelingz anda willingz. They make them togetha with the otha meditationz. There isa practically one thingy explicit forbidden: it is a drinking of alcohol, of whiskeys anda brandz anda beerz (ofcourse also taking other heavier drugz). Here, anotha big part of anthropsfy-scolarheadz are dropped down. Alcohol, it putz in you a pseudo-Ego, if you drinka, maybe you thinka having big inspirationz, but it is not you who is acting, it is a kind of alcoholic-pre-korsakow double of you. To meditate you must be clean. This isa truth. But how is it with otha thingies, lika having fine sexy time? Sometimes you can meet anthropsfy-people, being a kinda of vegetarian, having clear eyes and talking lots about Steiner-topicz, knowing everything about higher worldz as described in GA (so called 'Gesamtausgabe' of great mister Steiner), but you may hava impression about them having nothing between their legz! Ofcoursa we believe in whole human with all four and more booties, and having on the one hand high community with holy worldz anda angelz, having on the other hand here in this world fine sex witha physio booty! But now thinka bit: you going to Uribi Highlandz to meditate over months, anda you must purify your Uribi-body to get attention of higher worldz. There ara no women there in the Highlandzmeditation place, there ara no sheep anda chickenz, only you. Now you feel deepezt need to hava sexy time. Can you do it now yourself by masturbating, lika also straight antropsfyheadz in secret room, they do it? But you musta be overcome your needz anda wishes - for this special time on Uribi Highlandz ofcourse - therefore there is some fine stuff to help you, it is not expensive anda absolute help for you, if you are for a not-so-long-time lonely disciple on the path of freedom anda love in intensive course , here they are:

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well, hava lots of fun, also in meditation! still overstreaming, Mat Gundo.
Posta Script anda Important Note: hava you seen the lettertype at the opening badge?! Here you see that masturbation isa making the serpent very week, this serpent, which normaly goes up to you to open chakras! Ofcourse in anthropsfy way of meditation, serpent goes down, first you open upper chakras, then lower chakras. Also..


Anonym hat gesagt…

Aha, there is a boa constrictor wiggling in this blog too, not only in little green rivers!

Christoph hat gesagt…

I can't believe that God kills a sweet little kitten every time I masturbate. In German we say "der liebe Gott" (best translated with "the lovely God"). Is Mat the Gun do-ing jokes?

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Magash Mat,
by the way how many Kittens dida you kill in your career as normal functioning male being?
I canta count ita! Hihihihi....tsk!
Yours frandly colleague Murat

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Whata about you Goy?
Maybe we shoulda do a empirical research in this difficuilt a slimy area.
Yours frändly Murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

Pfui Horus, benimm dich, sonst kommt das Krokodil!
Isis unveiled

Rüdiger hat gesagt…

In weeks without sexy times : 5 Kittens dead every week
In weeks with sexy times : 2 Kittens dead every week,


Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Isis,
do you rememba our wonderful night,
the moon shone bright,
in this nightclub at the nile,
it wasa called " Green Crocodile".
And rememba this karmic station,
in a former incarnation?
While i was workin for the Pharao,
dancing naked all night boogalo.
Yours frändly Murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

Luvvly little song! well, you always succeed in making mummy smile, you wicked, gifted boy!