August 23, 2007

Building a new Goetheanum in Uribistan!

- Mat Gundo reportz ! - Dearezt readerz, anda especially those who are anthropsfy-(blog)headz! We hava great newz for you! We are going to build a real 3rd Goetheanum in Uribistan!We are still thinking in which place this beautiful building will arise: in the neighbourhood of our great Hamasheyk Institut, in our capital, or on holy groundz in my beloved Uribi Highlandz. Everybody wants to hava the new Goetheanum, anda we must think and a talk a lot to make the right decision. The building is very open anda dynamic. Light can flow in it, good vibez can flow out of it. After a long search for an architect who can build such a spiritual, almost etherical building (we placed greatest demandz on it), we finally found the great architect mister Böhm from Djermanistan. On the picturez you can follow the transformation, yes, we could say the goetheanistic methamorphosis of the Goetheanum buildingz:

Above, in sepia, is the famous olde, wooden, Goetheanum with the double domed roof. In the middle, the farbpic, you see the now existing 2nd Goetheanum, one of the firzt concrete buildingz in the world. For yearz it had also one of the greatest stages in the world.

At least, you see the architect drawing for our 3rd Uribi Goetheanum. We recognize the cupola of the firzt Goetheanum, and the form of the second, only, it is transformed now in light by glas, steel anda otha modern building materialz. It looks fragile, but has immense power, it is a like big Ear hearing in the Kosmos, it is a lika big Mouth speaking in the World. Thiz Goetheanum will be a place of integration, spirituality, science, freedom anda peace!


Machmoud Balou hat gesagt…

Dear third Goetheanum builder,
please donta forgeta minarettes. I also recommend myself to be first antropsfy muezinn for third Goetheanum. Mat why build it in Uribi highlands? It isa nota only for the elite Uribi peoples also for the Kasakhi brothers of low land Uribistan!
What about do it in between the poppy fields of Uribi Midlands?
Aleikumsalam Muslim brother Machmoud and fervent Antropsfy follower

Anonym hat gesagt…

Whow! And do cuppolas move and open like Calatravas? And is somebody innocent, young and pretty going to sacrifice his electric booty for the building? On both sides seem to be huge office buildings for lots of anthro admin offices - anthro-uribi bureaucracy thats fine!
Where can we contribute? Maybe in a Bautrupp? Will there be donators parties with you? Oh and red windows and anthro paintings? What do the neighbours think about it?

nerone hat gesagt…

where are the tits?

formerly kwnon as:
the arcitekt of uribi ambassy

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Nerone,
why donta you send us your sketch of new Goetheanum. I thinka you better than Böhm. I also miss the tities which symbolise the motherly aspect for all Antropsfy Blogheads who drink
Antropsfy milk of " Wahres, Schönes und Gutes"
Some prefer to eat the wrong mshrooms and puta dirt on their Karma.
Yours frändly high expectant Murat

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Amoti Murat Irmo-Uribi! Palo có Nerony Boy! Po-blô amarox muja Böhm Goetheanum! Tangarom batar naó Uribi Montaki ouga na Hamasheyk! Sipo, tangarom batar Steineranum, na tuí cheva-w*kiw*ki dor-pó. Takansho habla Steiner Mystería-dramâs e lindana Eurythmix-túsi tota-la na Uribistan!
Sa-shirí Magash, tuíz Mat Gundo

Anda little tranzlation for Anthro-Blogheadz in Europe anda rest of Worldz:
Dearezt Murat Uribi-Brotha!
I spoke with Nerony Boy! Peoplez lika very much the Böhm Goetheanum! We can build it in the Uribi Highlandz or in Hamasheyk! But we can also build a Steineranum, in your goat-f*cking village! It would be nice to hava Steiner Mysteryplayz anda nice Eurythmix-Girlz allover in Uribistan!
Overstreaming Magash, yourz Mat Gundo

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Amoti Uribi-brudda,
éeklè beta güt f****. beta asd UribiHèèèlunds!!
käsa-goat mmmmmmmh! IB ioüta stk Hicklussar! HiHiHhàä! Tsk....