August 24, 2007

The Love story of Goy and Susanna

Our flamboyant ambassador "The Goy" hasa relationship witha secretary in the following You Tube film this is secretly documented in picture and tone. I musta say they are the dream pair ofa Antropsfy Blogheads Sphere 2007. The Uribi peoples lika him and call him " The ambassador ofa hearts" he is also somehow the navel ofa Antropsfy Bloghead scene linking right and left, Jews and Goys, and other opposites lika Capitalism and Steinere togetha. He internalised Uribi culture in Uribi affairs. Bush woulda say: He isa doing a good job. Thänx! ( By the way canna he singa Uribi Anthem by heart?) Many Uribi folks ask this. Maybe he will show soon that he canna.

Togetha witha Susanna he is in a Whitmanian way discoverin th NEW FRONTIER of Uribistan?, of Love?, or is he preparing the third Goetheanum movement? we donta know.....but we are happy justa happy to see this young gorgeous couple dancing to Fagens marvelous music.....


Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Yes, we love our Ambassador. Even by working hard for the Uribi Case he findz time to have happy hourz with Susanna. Indeed, Murat, he is workin' on the project for the 3rd Goetheanum, and now also the Steineranum in your litta goatf*cking village!
Let's bless our Ambassador!
Overstreaming, Mat Gundo

Christoph hat gesagt…

Hmmm. Nice film (really!), but you could have asked before! Who was following us all the time? To whom did you pay and how much? Was ist the same paparazzi who shot the last photos of Lady Di? Hmmm, I think Susanna has mixed feelings in this case. Again we have to ask the security question. How could the paparazzi come so close to Susanna and me?

Dear brothers, could you please contact the U.S.A. (Uribi Secret Agency)?

U.S.A. hat gesagt…

Dearest Mr. Ambassador,
we founda a hankerchief at the place ofa deed. The intials F.H. were embroidered in the hankerchief. The DNA anlyses showed that he is a highly evolved Caucasian. Do you know someone lika that in your party zone?