August 16, 2007


Mat Gundo reportz - Oeewee! Yes, overstreaming, real overstreamed pure love excitingness highly overflowed beyond all stars experienced tranzerotix illuminationz anda enlightenmentz!!! I'm so happy to be back again from those amazing Uribi Highlandz, were I coma from! I'm so happy to sit now near my Brotha Murat and all otha Men anda Womenz from our Uribi fatherz country! May also be Peoplez Spirit of the Country be as Happy anda Big Overstreaming of pure Luv!
Yes, back I am - seeing brotha Murat fighting anda struggling with his own Faith anda with Big Incr. Blogbeing! O, what a Hero! Yes, he is a True Hero! Anda all the peoplez which were also in thiz topic! Lika those new two or more Farmer Lieserl witha White Wool Underwear Pantiez! Anda Franz, anda Annetta (you wrota you hava a picture we can see you witha red spectaclez on Goetheanum Holy Ground Festival Party 'Righta in the Middle')? Whera we can see you lovely face with Spectaclez? You only wear spectaclez? In your bloggy? You allready wrota big article about `Righta in the Middle'? Yes, I also lika very much to worka anda being busy righta in the middle! Anda nice Goy who still does good work as ambassador in Berlin! May he also be in good spiritual vibez there within kosmosexual swingz of Lampenhausen. I thinka both now musta be in kind of holidayz, lika also whole Canaillo Triby isa dancing Samba in Brasilistan? Do they liva now thera in Jungle drinking soma psychedelic Indian plantz? Anda what ara our big friendz Green Little River anda Happy Beater doing now? I saw Riverman being comicsicated by Big Egoizt, who is a also talking muchy about guy called Ben Esch, being member of jew tribe? Anda also becoming Big Nazi befora going to Christian Community anda making Antropsfyhead Talkingz! How thiz isa possible? First being jew anda nazi anda after antropsfyhead? I thinka Ben Esch musta be in great kamaloka now anda is as a burning Fire reminding hiz Nazi Bullshit! We musta help him, by making everything clear about hiz bad doingz in thiz world, but also by praying for him anda shining lightz on his supra-terrestrial paths asa being now living in a only two booties: astralbooty anda ego-booty, anda ofcourse because he wasa developing the booties, in hisa ghostselve booty. Hiz electric booty is a spacing now through etheric worldz eaten by angelz, his pysical booty allready mouldred in a stuttgart graveyard. Egoist Guy isa very active, lika Nerony Boy anda new BeatagentBlog called 'Seitensprung', also very active! Yes, anda ofcourse here, my dear Murath Uribibrotha, isa so, so active too! Witha all female Fanz and witha wordz so many, about our speaking tree (I love thiz tree, he is a olda friend of my father), anda his big 'seelenprüfung' on a borda with Afghanistan meeting americanistan gunmen anda nasty germanistan waldorf-guy! I thinka he must have been from Litlle River Triby, anda woulda maka some cozmic jokez with Murat and his friendz! He certainly was not from Egoizt Tribe, Goy Tribe, Cosmic Sexual Tribe or from our Brotha Canaillo Triby! Maybe he was from Beater Tribe!
Well, if I came out from Uribi Highlandz, first I mada little tour in East anda looked for Sri Puppetji anda old boy Dattatreya (he still talked here about Real anda False Enlightenment). We talked about problemz with dollarz, about women ofcourse anda having also problemz with them, anda about still being healthy after smoking anda drinking lotz of Uribi Junk anda lot of sexy timez! Then he mada for 'You Tube' nica conversation about dealing with problemz about money, relationz anda health. After reading my happy wordz, now you can see happy wordz of datta guru!
Overstreaming, yourz Mat Gundo!


nerone hat gesagt…

Nice to have you back, Mat.

The krishna-guy looks somewhat familiar to murat, i thought as i was looking at them so clos to each other on my screen. It is only the other way around. change skin and haircolour and you have amazing coincidence. Only the glasses are somehow - how should i say?


Anonym hat gesagt…

dear Mat,
welcome back, but:
you really dont know nothing about women,Försterliesels and Beginen never ever wear woollen panties: too scratchy, they prefer silk and in the summertime they dont wear panties at all. They like breezy air on their skin. What do you wear under your djellaba? Maybe we could sell anthro bio cotton/hemp undies to Uribi people?
Försterliesels united