August 14, 2007

Literature recommendation

" My voice was not as sweet as Conka`s, but Grandfather said that it hardly mattered, the important thing was the right word, to pull it out, or squeeze it short, and then dress it up with air from my lungs. He said that when Conka and I sang, we were air and water in a pot, and together we boiled."

ZOLI, Colum McCann

This is a wonderful book about the life of the ROMANI ( Gypsy) people in Cechoslovakia between 1940-2003. It isa the story ofa singer and a poet who became famous behind the iron curtain and escaped to the West. Giva ita read. Have you thought ofa where all the gypsies gone, they camped in former times in front of the town at the river on a car park? This is the only people who are not computerised and digitally registered. They are still fighting aginst that. And Colum McCann isa phantastic writer!!!!! (In djerman you only geta Hardback edition)
Yours frändly Murat


Anonym hat gesagt…

Das Leben der Zigeuner in Tschechien und den anderen ex-Ostblock-Staaten ist alles andere als frei und romantisch, ergänzend eine Literaturempfehlung:
Karl-Markus Gauß "Die Hundeesser von Svinia" , Zsolnay Verlag
Beitrag zu einer europäischen Ethnologie.

lieben Gruß

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

deearest lovely Försterliesl,
McCanns book is based on a real and biography (of Papusza) and historical
facts. Yes you are right gypsylife isa nota Motto of austrian opera " Lustig ischt das Sigeunerläben,la,la,la,...
No easy Kärma living between all this Nationalists defending their Religion, Race and bit of earth with the little helpa of Archangels.
Whata happend to the Sinti and Roma during the Balkanwars In Jugoslavia?
Isa there in the book of the "Hundeesser von Svinia"
Thänx for the Tipp.
Yours frändly Murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Murat,
under the mild reign of Tito some Roma people found a way of living as musicians; but there was pressure: send children to school, settle down, work steadily. After the common empoverishment, nationalist upheaval and because of the many refugees in Serbia its much harder now for Roma to survive and they go for begging or pickpocketting trips to Vienna, instruct and sell children pickpocketters....
Many flew the war and Serbia refuses to take Roma refugees back.
There is a project "Vinzi-Dorf" in Graz supporting Roma, and several Caritas and Care projects in Roumania, I think Ive heard about an anthro project too..
Living conditions for gypsy children are extremely bad and sad now; they live in ghetto-slums in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Thänx for being so patient with hints!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest Försterliesl,
thänx for hints. I also met some Romas from Serbia, who flew the war the stories ofa those peoples are unimaginable.
Yours frändly murat