März 07, 2008

Radio Uribistan: Water Experiments in Hamasheyk

-Mo Slim speaks - First of all, dear listeners: Radio Uribistan cannot speak about the Tchundyk Case. This is high critical and forbidden by our High Council of Uribi Shamans. But we can report about other interesting things in Uribistan and about our great Cybernetic Hamasheyk Institut. Herrmann Finkelsteen talked about water. Still we are waiting for your pictures, photographs and experiences with elementary beings! Don't forget it!
In Hamasheyk, in these days with Bio-Dynamic Barbara as Chief-Instructor in a few experiments, they started a new range of observations on water. They want to improve the quality and increase the amount of elementary beings. In Hamasheyk these experiments run on three levels: the molecular level (normaly with Mister Tchundyk, he is very experienced in this!), the elementary spiritual level (with Mat Gundo and some Shamans), the spiraling, dynamical level, with our great guest from Tel Aviv: Levi Stern! With his new special kind of S-bombs, he puts higher vibrations in the matter of the water, a kind of counterspace is born - in this counterspace elementary beings can work. We know him from our contribution on the Big Wave, so I think that most our readers and listeners know this wonderfull mann! In Hamasheyk, again we made an interview with him. He enjoys it very much to be here in Uribistan, it is his first time, he talks about Solomon, about Barbara (afterwards he said to me: 'Yes, especially German women make S-bombs so ass-good..'), and he reveals a secret about Near-East politics! We beg your pardon for one thing: interviewing Levi, I did not hear it, but in the studio the soundmaster called me: 'Hé, Mo do year them!' Indeed, in Uribistan, and in Hamasheyk Institute, there are lots of elementary beings. In Hamasheyk they are very happy, and in the background they are commenting and laughing and saying hello to Hicklussar and Levi. We let them on the tape - enjoy it! -

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Hermann Finkelsteen hat gesagt…

schicke bitte Levi und Solomon zu uns ins Redaktionsbüro. Es ist dringend!
Ein kollegial grüssender Herrmann