März 24, 2008

It doesnt mattèr how you struggle and strive......

[Murat_Ascension.jpg] Dearest Anthropsfy blogheads,
afta long meditation and doubts and spiritual studies I reached to the spiritual physical fact that you dont getta out ofa this world alive. AOEA great girl hada vision ofa me anda this pic isa reproduction ofa my resurrection in the Holy Land. Togetha with the flying Coyote singers and UribistanHArmonyUrcheztra memba Don Pepe I mada this songa the summary ofa my one year struggle to enlighten myself here in Uribistan witha all you helpa: Don Michele, Mat, Kronstadt, Jane, Josie, Mr. Beatagent, Annette, Nerone, our beloved Ambassador the GOY, Oleander, Green Little River, Foerster Liesl, Epo, Frans, Gesine and so many others...thänx and great job AOEAAAAAAAAAH! that you hada vision ofa me in electric booty world...... Magash my fränds!!!!!!!
I FOUNDA THE TRUTH OFA LIFE AND DEATH. Here it isa: A very intimate roug recording with the door knocking ofa Uribibrotha, donta getta paranoid it was nota Death Knocking.


AOEA hat gesagt…

;-)))))))))) Wunderbaaaar!
Phantastique!! Extraordinaire! Geweldig!!!
'ja, so sei es!'

Anonym hat gesagt…

we book Uribi Airlines!

Christoph hat gesagt…