März 28, 2007

Who the hell was that?

Dearest lovely Antropsfy blogheads,
we hada to sent djerman Administrator into desert again, he writa articles with too many words...and he hada an apparition he saw this Elemental being in TNT office. Oksana our multitasking cleaning lady who is a very artistic drew the apparition, she also saw ita. Djerman Administrator is in shock, this visit from the spiritland was totally unexpected. He freaked!!
Pleasa helpa us what kinda of spirit is that?we thought it maybe National Ghost of Uribistan, but he spoka stränsch languatsch....Smörebrod, Smörebröd... he mumbled and then he raided the refrigerator of the office and flew away through window.....
Murat the stone moved a bit whena he hearda the cameltrain, but he is still totally stone...Don Pepe saida sometimes he hearsa groaning and moaning......Pleasa helpa!!!!!!
Murat must come back soon. I hava to go back to Kusek.
So I will look for Oksana our multitasking lady to relaxa a bit......reading Pamelas book togetha...
Yours frändly räpistBorat Interim editor of TNT

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