März 22, 2007

Murat is Birthday Looping for Terra Canaillo one

Dearest Jane, Joseph and Mr. Kronstadt, the dedicated readers and all the little helpers who are makin it possible for Terra Canaillo to exist
Yours Baby Terra Canaillo Two, Murat, Mahmoud, Borat, Djerman Administrator and Oksana(our multitasking cleaning lady) say in choir We-wa-weee-weee-wo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My teacher Don Pepe, the hatalii, is showing me how to fly and to shift into form of eagle. My first looping is dedicated for Terra Canaillo 1, saying thänx for all you did for me and giving me Asylum and work.
Don Pepe also showed me how to be gras, but flying is great over the Grand Canyon and a bunch of hippies sitting in the caves were playing guitar and singing for me " Fly like an eagle,fly..." Wow I felt greät I could feel the Americain Dream. Don Pepe was very satisfied with my flight.
Something went wrong my language is now like eagle peep,peep ..... because I forgot one magic word when I changed back into my mortal frame.....but the eagles chirping will disappear and Kasakhi English is coming back to my tongue. YOURS wholeheartedly loving flying the americained dream Murat Tchundyk

SKYFLY BETTA THAN SKYWALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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