März 31, 2007


O`er the celestial pathways the mortal and immortal strays;
For earth is a swift dream of God, and man one shape within His brain.
And there man meeteth sun and moon, immortal shapes of nights and days,
And in God`s glad mood he is glad and in God`s petulance has pain.

And there he dreams his dreamer`s face; forgets, nor knows himself in a dream,
Until some shadow wavers by and leaves him but a trembling shade
To murmur in his impotence that nothing is, but all things seem,
And what they seem like man shall know when man beneath
the dust is laid.
Isaac Rosenberg, 1912

Copyright for TNT pic

Murat wanted us to put his pic and a poem by his favourite poet Rosenberg, who died in action on 1. April, 1918, almost at the end of the First World War, on this site to show what he experienced when he got touched by God. Murat also wants us to think of all the young men all over the world, who just die in action now, at this very moment.


rudiger hat gesagt…

Wow! Murat wird immer professioneller in seinen Bildschöpfungen.
gruß, Rudiger

Annette hat gesagt…

You are so bold to even get touched by death. Love endeed should be so much better!
Murat should get his peace nobel price.