März 20, 2007

Murat on Visionquest

Dearest lovely antropsfyblogheads,
Here I am sitting on top of mountain trying to get in touch with God. In the Indian reservation of New Mexico. I am a nota mova for days now. See shadows on ground around me, see ants with red legs, hihihi they escaped the personal trainer, who works down in Canyon ..... hear coyote in the night.....I slowly begin to understand the language of rattlesnake and crows....Silence pops up out of the souls ocean we all swimma in.... I realised Iam not good for Nobelprize....I think Christoph should get price his Goys world is a place of Peace and trying to understand many tribas in Antropsfy.....Christoph be Hero be bold and take price.....My spiritual leader the Hatalii is giving me once a day a sip of water.....I will be there for some days....and I will take you along on my journey, so drop out and tune in !!!
First lesson I learned from Hatalii how to make myself invisible and become gras to feel the electric ether around me. Pic above: I am gras, pic below: me and my mortal frame...greät isn`t it. As soon as I am in touch with God I will let you know on this site. Spread good Kärma, be nica to each other.......I like you do you lika me?
Yours wholeheartedly loving Murat


Serena V. hat gesagt…

So, mister Murat, another side of you? Trying to get invisible?
But, it impresses me a lot. Maybe because I met mr. Kronstadt, he is a very nice guy, he is sooooooo....
Jetzt besuche ich meinen Psychotherapeuten (Kronstdats Rat). Der Bastie, dieser Kerl, kann mit der SChl. machen was er will!!!
Serena V.

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

Dear Murat! Very good pictures, very good invisualisation! We don't hope this picture is as tricky as the moon pictures on terra c 1!


@ Dearest Serena say hello to Mr. Kronstadt. What kinda of a voodoo man are you visiting "Psychopath!?" Good luck
@ Funny it looks lika moon here as well, I made really good fränds with some natives, they are lika Kasakhi brothers...
Lova you all Murat
Kisses to Jane!!!!!!!

Annette hat gesagt…

The American desert does look like a moon landscape though. And my leader did control that I drank my 2 liters of water, and I said he did control.
Christoph nimmt den Preis natürlich, ist doch klar(Kronstadts Rat). Schade, daß TNT uns so leicht aufs Glatteis führt, aber warscheinlich haben sie ihren Spaß dran!
Ich freu mich schon auf die nächste Wüstentour.


Dear loveliest Annette,
TNT is not leading you on ice...
But Annette tella us in which desert were you? Americains are very afraid of dehydrating, but it is more dangerous to get killed by sudden water from heaven, it is actually the same in Uribistan^s desert.
Are you also a bit americain?
Your lovely frandly humble admirer
Murat Tchundyk ( See me on mountain)