März 30, 2007

This is enlightenment!

TNT reports an celebrates- A miracle happened Murat Tchundyk developed from totally stone to completely illuminated. His first words on the phone were: "Ick bin ein Mundungsmensch." We are just so happy and celebrating. Uncle Tybal brought some mongolian-desert-vodka. Apparently the cameltrain music melted the stone and with the help of Archangels and with the herbs of Don Pepe he got in touch with God. Of course we are curious
what the content of this amazing meeting was. Everything is illuminated. Nastrovje, Cheers, A votre santé our hearts are flying high as the kasakhian falcons between mountains and heaven.

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Annette hat gesagt…

Ick auck sprecken endlish!
Hopefully that Murat bringing back his contents from USA.