März 19, 2007

BoRat finda different barbie!!!!!

Dearest lovely Anthropsfy blogheads,
my cousin Murat is still in America. He hasa Spiritual Awakening on hill, yes lovely peoples he is with the Red Indians. When I was a in America i wanted to buy slaves chocolate faced slaves, they tolda me nota anymore. Your cheesus church missionaries try to sella slaves. It isa nica so nica. Those funny priests and priestesses call themselves.
Bread for everyone and Quick Victim. Stränsch...... Hava you hearsa of thema.
Slave is as little lika barbie. Dancing classes with little barbies I really enjoyed also blow-job barbie. Greät, but Pamelas book much betta.
Biga licking kissas for everyone, instead of bread.
Yours frändly räpistBorat


Annette hat gesagt…

Hello Borat, so good to see you again. I just hope you are going to care well for your new doll. Plus, do get an easter nest full of vaticanies for yourself and make a lot of pictures because that makes my community leader happy. She is supposed to send me some mail again.
(I do not know whether or not they have vaticanies in the desert, but the natives are really a nice people though.)
Good times for everyone: we are all related.

Reginald hat gesagt…

Altes Spielzeug aus Nabimia oder Süd Afrika? Gibt es auch Flüchtlinge? (Uganda, Bosnien, Palästina?)


Dearest Reginald,
escapists of National Ghost are not yet barbierised. Imusta ask priests and priestesses who are working in Uribistan trying to establish nail-wood-religion.
Dearest Annette,
I hearda you are takin carpet rida with Joseph? I am jealous, when do we see ya ridin here in Terra Canaillo?
Your frändly räpistBorat

Annette hat gesagt…

This is becoming more and more complicated. More people, more complication. But please do ask your countrie's Christians to pray for me as long as I am on my way, because I am thinking about everyone all the time!
Borat, please think about a few questions that you really want to know of me when I am back!
Yours, Annette


Dearest lovely Annette,
okay here are some serious questions
1) How old are you?
2) Are you Caucasian?
3) Your monthly Income?
4) What kinda of religious path are you walkin( maybe where angels fear to tread?)
5)Are you married? Children?
6) Do you lika me?
7) Do you want to know whether I lika you?
Yours frändly somehow depressed Borat ( Everyone of TNT is gone)