Oktober 29, 2007

Congratulationz to Egoist Tribe anda Comixtranzlation

- Mat Gundo reportz - Dearezt Readerz of both sexes! We hope you are still enjoying singing with us about camelz anda about girlz on camelz anda about freaky banditz trying to kidnap girlz on camelz, anda ofcourse also singing with us about Zeroes.
But now, something else: today we could read that Micelle Eggert from great Egoist Triba has received special Anthropsfy Sphärus prize! We maka big congratulationz to you! This price he became from Our Uribi Ambassador, Mister Christoph Goy. Before in thiz year prize was given to sweet AOEA girl anda to friendz of Terra Canaillo.
Some timez ago, Micelle Eggert said to us, we can also maka Uribi english tranzlation of his wellknown famouz Comix. We began with it, and finished it today. That's Karma! Just enjoy thiz tranzlated comix, singin' along - to maka comix more bigga, just klicka on it!


Anonym hat gesagt…

grrreat!!! goatz are inspired beings!
and the Murat/Michael pic on the right side is grreata as well!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Your left handside pic is as well!!

Liesel, you are the greatest! I hope Mat will take me along to our house!