November 02, 2007

Tzjop Girl - Mat Gundo, Murat and special guest

copyright pics Murat Tchundyk

After the last shaman meeting in Uribi Highlands, me and Mat met Don Pepe from Mexico in the Uribi Midland Canyons at fullmoon. This wasa late summer. I discovered in the studio archives this beautiful recording from the canyons. We hada beautiful night. This isa song about Tzjop Girl. Soon I willa talk about my harem, I ama nearly convinced to geta rid of many womäns buta it isa difficuilt to say goodbye to you really love.
Yours Murat and enjoy listening to our Uribi Bob Dylan Mat Gundo


Anonym hat gesagt…

goatz on sofa are humming this song! all females like to be fought for like this! sobsob! But they like being adorned with flowers and being photographed instead of being hidden and closed away as well! Oh those cruel culture clashes!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Well you just need to take one of the flowers and one of the pics that the poor guy gives to you.

Frans Neugebauer hat gesagt…

Na endlich kommt da etwas Bewegung in diese steinzeitliche Uribische Gesellschaft. Das sind wahre Helden. Chapeau Mat!
Servus Frans

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ach ich finde das ganz toll, wie die das machen, wie die ihr Zusammenleben neu gestalten. Jane hilft supergerne mit.

Ja, wahre Helden sind sie!

AOEA hat gesagt…

Wwouwww, ein schöner Song, guter Klang...congratulations!