Oktober 07, 2007

Bourquini Modern Style

- mat gundo reportz- In article below, my Uribi Brotha Murat thinks being very modern, with hiz bourquinis. Wenn you follow link in article you find a lot of variationz of this oldfashioned bathsuit. For Murat these dayz are hard: he must close his harem anda sell Annette girl. Modern world is coming also in conservative and staying-on-moon-thinkings mindz of peoplez in Mid- and Low-Uribistan. Brotha Murat thinks I'm to much influenced by internet, but the truth, it is, in the Uribi Highlandz we have been allways modern peoplez, with rights for men anda women. Since thousandz of yearz we practize Kamel Sutré, we have in our big Jamala Sea 2 timez a year the great Wan-Dû shamanic festival, a highly serious festival, but is with lotz of humour anda absolute highlight is naked mass-diving in Jamala Sea, for inner anda outer purification. We don't hava any problemz witha nudeness anda natural men anda women interactionz as frustrated fundamentaliztic peoplez have. From time to time, now, as Uribistan again is a great and free republic, peoplez from the Mid- and Lowlandz come to us. And they are so full of silly complexes! Terrible! Therefore we created special bourquinis. They are bourquini, but litta bit nicer anda with more happiness and fantasy! Lika the one here (with Annette girl!): those bourquinis give more air anda freedom and make women (anda ofcourse also men) more happy!


Anonym hat gesagt…

we like the Uribi weather forecast. Do you have a handsome weather boy with sixpacks to make it a bit more appealing?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Für die kurzen kräftigen Kerle ist canaillo zuständig!

Er schickt auch meist ohne Kleidung, wenn man ihn bittet.

Uribistan Wetter klingt nach daheim! Ich bevorzuge derzeit Wollpullis, aber deine Dessous haben auch was.

Weisst du, Mat, deine freizügige Methode klingt ansprechend, bringt aber nur dann was, wenn sie letztendlich zur Familienzusammenführung führt. Sonst stirbt die Menschheit aus.

Ich geh jetzt mit Selimara baden. Solltest du auch mal tun!