Oktober 27, 2007

Camel Love

- mat gundo reportz - Below, Murat gave impressionating list of numberz of our visitorz from all over the Worldz. Hello India, Hello Emirates, Hello Djermanistan, Hello Worldz! Now you can say: hé, but I don't see any Uribi readerz! They are included in 'Network' above. If we began in Uribistan with new telephon, telegraph anda now internet connectionz, American expertz fixed Uribi net. Anda here in Uribistan: telephonating anda internetting, until now, are free.
Yes, there are lot of thingiez in Uribistan, dear readerz, you don't know - here you can learn them. For example our 'thumbgreeting'. On your reactionz we could see, it was very new to you, anda, peoplez, be sure, it has nothing to do with Bayrisch 'fingerhäkeln', or something like thiz.
Now, after big party for our great canaillo-friend mister Kronstadt (I think, soon he wil writa about Uribistan on his Canaillo site, with nice picz of Uribi landscapez and Murat), we turn to normal Uribi life.
And here is something for you to hear: the Uribi song Camel Love. You must know, in Uribistan it is very high pleasure to ride on back of camel. If you hava Camel you are rich. If you hava two Camelz you ara more rich, and so on. But, to ride on Camel with your pretty girlfriend it is very very high pleasure. Anda very very very high pleasure is to sing about riding with most pretty girlfriend on back of Camel. Now, our song Camel Love is about this. The original is ofcourse in high Uribi speach. But we tranzlated it, to maka Uribi Culture very known in whole world. If you hear text, you may notice thiz song was from Uribi Highlandz, joking about guyz from Lowlandz, anda also joking about mystic bandits from mystic Blowlandz. Now, everybody singz this song, also Lowland guyz (Murat, haha). In this verzion I'm singing, the music is made by Uribistan Harmony Urcheztra (UHU). UHU = Machmout, Aleyev, Farrid, Tharuwat, anda ofcourse Uribi Friend Murat. Just enjoy it!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Congratulation for this extensive and worldwide coverage and recent consumer oriented relaunch! Luvvly luvvly song! Smoky voice!
Greeneyed Djarmila seems to be lucky and safe.
Your Weather forecast and daily household hints are better than those by Maria Thun; without you Id forgotten to let the goatz in, now they sit on the sofa, fart relaxedly and watch passionately esoteric war movies - seems they adore heroes.

Frau K. hat gesagt…

Dear Mr. Mat,
great interpretation of this song.
I enjoyed it so much!
It is already an 'earworm' to me. Especially the pronouncing of the 'th' is very sexy and seams to be typical for people of your wonderful country.
Does Amazon already sell the cd??
Looking foward,
Yours Mrs. K.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Na jetzt weiss ich warum ich Murats Bart kraulen sollte,

ich bin froh, der Wasserfall läuft wieder, puuuhhhh.

ich dachte, der Mann will per amazon Kuschelrock bestellen, aber jetzt seh ich das Bild rechts.
Hab ja geschrieben dass ich wieder aktiv bin

Grüsse und küsse

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ohh, my dear brother, für ein wunderbares Lied!!und so gut gesungen!!
overstreaming greetingzz from

Anonym hat gesagt…

na das ist aber eine nette überraschung!

camel wieder da