Oktober 02, 2007

Ein Prosit auf die djerman Gmuetligkeit

Dearest lovely djerman Antropsfy Blogheads,
First I wanna congratulate you to your Great Djermanistan and to your good beer. I wasa secretly in Oktoberfest ains swei trei gsufa, although it isa ramadan, buta Allah didnt see. Hey that wasa greät and great fun as you canna see. This brass bands they really blow you outa of your shoes. Greät, buta the most I loved that choir and the kinda ofa yodeling.Beautiful lika angels.
I also wanta to congratulate, that you are World Campions in Soccer no not your boys buta your girls. Why donta you fiddled around witha your flags? You lika boys more than girls? Anyway I hada short and pleasant stay in your beautiful country Bavaria and Greater Djermanistan. Tomorrow isa your birthday 3. Oktober isnt ita? Happy birthday to all Djerman souls and Greater Djermanistan!
Yours frändly Murat


Halim Tzjop hat gesagt…

Dear great Murat of Tchundyk clan!
Thank you for your great answering! The case with the 400 goats it happens in time parts of Uribistan were in sowjet hands: the communists stole lots of goats!
They have spread meaning our family stolen them, just to settle on war between tribes! Those cowards!
Ok, case with fence, stupid thing. 51 goats of you were lost. I give you that 55 goats back, and now, special thing: we have concession of big Mariba lands behind the Vina village. You know, this region is the best region for sheep breed and price camels growing. We give you 15% license!
Other thing: therefore our company has exclusive rights to sell your rest-wifes.
Wife Annette writes, we can have her for free. Ofcourse, 24th degree cousin, we make good price for you with her!

Now privat talk: yes, very good you represented Uribistan in Bavartia. Is Bavartia part of Djermanistan? And the boys singing there, are the all little princes of Bavartian king? And guy hanging in the back is punished german footballplayer, because women playing better??

Yours humble 24th degree cousin,
Halim Tzjop

Anonym hat gesagt…

Have you seen NWAs talking mirror?

Isnt there kind of yodelling in Uribi highlands too, to call the goats? Do you employ canine shepherds in the highlands?


Anonym hat gesagt…

Murat läßt grüßen, Deutschlands Geburtstag ist da. Wir freuen uns immer über deinen Besuch in Bayern! Muss ich wirklich dazu sagen, dass ich nicht jeden nehme - Namen sind unlängst veröffentlicht worden.


In Bayern kann jeder ein Kaiser werden... Mittlerweile sind unsere Frauenteams genauso gut wie die Männerteams und beide sind beliebt beim Publikum. Nicht vergessen, alles ist nur ein Spiel: keine Strafen! Den Pokal verschenken wir aber trotzdem gern.