Oktober 26, 2007

Viziting Uribistan!

-mat gundo reportz- We hava nice dayz now: it is cold but very sunny, anda wheatherwoman is back on station! It is great day to say welcome to one of our Uribi-Blog fathaz, TC Kronstadt, having kinda of birthday today, anda for firzt time in life visiting with super gorgeous Jane the wide anda beautiful landz of The Free anda Everyoung Republic of Uribistan! We had already lida Camelride in mountainz anda visiting olda church in Uribi Highlandz. TC Kronstadt also could join us in the Uribi National Studios, anda saw birth of some songz made by me and Murat anda Uribi Harmony Urcheztra. Ofcourse, they ara only firzt ideas brought on cd, but nice for our readerz to hear - so you ara not only readerz anda viewerz, but also listenerz. Anda today, we ara making with Jane and TC K big Uribi party on farm of Murat, witha lotz of music anda dancing. In the middle of cowz anda sheep anda goatz anda his, allready almost harvested, Anauh Iram fieldz, we will hava fun with the whole village. On picture you see Murat anda TCK making old traditional Shamash greeting. Shamash greeting is originally only for men. The strength of the thumb, how thick, long anda how topping-out they are, says lotz about virility and potency of men. Both guyz mada good Shamash! The pic is made by gorgeous Jane. Let us dance (you can dance on music below: 'Zeroes of Light')!


Frau K. hat gesagt…

Shamash greetings for men??!!
In my country you would say:
'Je oller, je doller!!
But happy birthday to TC Kronstadt and lot of fun with all your friends.
Have a great party, lots of music, dance and all you want....
Like to be with you!!
Yours Mrs. K.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Lucifer ? Sardanapal ? Syria ?
Shamash? Fingerhakeln bayrisch? Fingerhakeln keltisch-schottisch?

Horus, immer die genitalen Knabenspäßchen...

Liesels bored

Happy birthday anyway!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Klingt aber interessant+
Die Party geht doch aber über Spässchen hinaus, wie man sieht.

Das ging aber schnell mit dem Hallo+


Anonym hat gesagt…

Ja hallo Jane + Kronstadt

Sonnige Grüsse an euren Hof

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ja servus !

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Dearezt Commentatorz from both Sexes! This olde greeting goes lika on picture. We say Uxy, Bruxy, Cuxy (it's lika 'one, two, three..'), and then we make fist with thumb straight on top. That's all. In former timez wise women could read virility, energy, etc. out of thumb (lika we heard about 'penislesen' for few months at canaillo's, you remember?).
Now thiz has become special greeting in Uribi Lowlandz, in case of having visitz of important peoplez.