Oktober 07, 2007

Uribi Eurythmix in the Army Fitness Studio

Our uribian army integrated Eurythmix in their training as you canna see!
By the way the 55 goats from my cousin were all sick and died of the dangerous Uribi virus 5vioKld.


Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Dear Uribi Brotha Murat! Did you became permizion to bring this video? I thought it is secret materialz! But, one thingie, it showz the real Michaelic charactere of our brave soldierz in our great army!

The Annette-Ambassador-Tzjop case: dear Murat, you know you have to dissolve your harem by law, until 31th of december. This is your great change to maka some money for future - selling her with Tzjop aid to our Ambassador or otha guy. Tzjop send me e-mail,he complaints his goatz too are killed by 5vioKLd. He has otha animalz in Bjurét (20 milez south of hamasheyk). They are very healthy, he will give you with two bonuz Camelz.
Brotherly overstreamingz, yourz Mat Gundo

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

dearest Mat,
my harem is my harem and I ama free man to do what I hava to do with ita.
So the 5vioKld virus is on its way to Europe, causa our turu turu bird isa migrant birdy, which isa flyin to Djermanistan.
Nota only goats canna hava this virus also birdies.
Yours frändly Murat

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Dearezt Uribi Brotha Murat! I'm very sorry for you, but law says you must close your harem at 31th of december. Thiz idea is not mines, but is from ministery. I just remember you - and thinka it is great help if you sell Annette with professional Halim Tzjop! You get good money anda you can do otha good thingies with it!
Otha possibility: first of january you are in Kan-Tevú jail - hard thing, it is in desert, and there are no women at all! (§ 12.c - Uribi State Law, about having haremz).
PS: in $ 12.c.2/A.002, there is one exception: if you hava women in harem which are more then 10 yearz in your harem, and hava age 47+, you can leave them in your harem! But I think of Mara, Alma, Suleika, Annette, Tatianja, Mazilla, Tanja, Ulde, Smirne, Luidmille, Vija, Anna 1, Anna 2, Sarah, Judith 1, Judith 2, Esmene, Gönje, Frio 1, Frio 2, Géraldine (wow, I know here, she comez from Paris anda is very crazy girl), Labia 1, Labia 2, Franza, Tolkmene, Nico, Myrtake, Nama 1, Nama 2, Nama 3, Edeltraut (that one from Djermanistan too, haha. crazy dirndle girl), Shahila and Xantia, (did I forget someone?), nobody is older then 47! Lotz of work, dear Brotha Murat!

More then overstreaming with thoughts about all those girlz, Mat Gundo

Annette hat gesagt…

Mat scheint sehr besorgt dass du nicht in die Wüste gehen musst, Murat.

Ein Krieger wahrhaft Michaelischen Charakters.

Also, was machst du jetzt mit all den Frauen und Kindern, die ihre Freiheit haben?