Oktober 05, 2007

Message from our Homelandz Ministry of the Interior to: Tchundyk, Tzjop & Ambassador

- Mat Gundo reportz- Dearezt readerz! The Minister of the Interior, and the chairman of the Uribi Secret Army (Leah Cim Tregge), they let me write following thingiez: with the beginningz of 2008, it is official forbidden in the whole Free and Ever Young Republic of Uribistan to maka merchandise, selling and buying of women. Women are also free individual human beingz! (comm. Mat Gundo: as they were during all timez known history in the Uribi Highlandz - thiz kinda terror againzt women only was in Mid- anda Lowlandz, which were under sowjet-rulez anda also more islamic).

We know, that this kind of social behaviour is very olde, and also peoplez have their money dealing with this! There are olde familiez, who has great skills in merchandising anda trading with women, lika great Tzjop family anda their enterprise "Family Tradingz anda Merchandisez". Halim Tzjop, the present director, in thiz moments makes business with Murat Tchundyk, our great correspondent of The Daily. Mister Tchundyk now takes one great step in modern timez, and he gives freedom to all wifez in harem. Mista Tzjop now lika to maka business with one special wife, Annette girl, to sell her to our Ambassador in Berlin (if he still wantz). This can be very interesting business! Now, the ministry gives one opportunity to Mista Tzjop, to buy anda sell. Mista Tzjop can buy anda sell Annette till 31th of December. Afterwardz it's illegal, and Mizta Tzjop goes in jail.

To the official start of the auction we present to all interested peoplez (also mista Tzjop, after you can have all rightz) two pics of Annett - one is Annette with spectaclez, one without. She did not want to open the Burka, we are sorry. But enjoy it and give your opinion and ofcourse money!).

NEW: Important Newz from our Ambassador In Berlin! He send us new picz of Annette. Look also here!

We are very proud to publish one pic of our Ambassador on our site (below) , it's swimming pool szene with burka!

Dear readerz, give your price!


Halim Tzjop hat gesagt…

Dear Mister Mat Gundo, my 368th degree cousin, dear Murat Tchundyk my dear 24th degree Cousin, dear Mister Chairman of USA, Leah Cim Tregge,my 225th degree cousin and dear Minister of the Interior and Homelands, my 4th degree cousin, all blessed by the name of Our Great Common Uribi Ancestor Adâm Tô!

With deepest respect I heard your voices speaking about new State Law. Our great family, since 800 years in business to bring together women with Great Men, respects your newest law. Till now, we were great pilar of Uribi society! Don't forget this! We will stop our business at 31th of December 2007, but we were very gratefull if our Great Uribi Gouvernment gives us therefore more licenses and ownership in the gold-, copper- and uraniummines of Katrava.
Now we have about 28%, give us from your part other 50 %, and we will make great work in the mines!
We will make big global play!

Thank you also for pictures of Annette.- She is great girl, and I think we can sell here for good price. Also for mister Murat Tcxhundyk, my beloved 24th degree cousin, it is much better so. If he solves his harem, he needs money for servants. We really can make good price!

Your humblest servant anda loyal worker in The Free and Ever Young Republic of Uribistan,

Halim Tzjop

Anonym hat gesagt…

Uribi Daily news reporting is not satisfying, we miss comment on ethnologist-soldiers against taliban and on new artificially created being "mycoplasma laboratorium" !

Kerstin Schade hat gesagt…

Es wird Ihnen nicht gelingen, die europäische Frauenwelt, oder die goy's world durch Ihre Kollage zu provozieren.

Nicht auf diese Art!

Ja, ihre Taliban sollten Sie unter Kontrolle bringen, so wie wir unsere RAF anno dazumal.

Wenn ich Annette so ansehe, muss ich sagen, Sie können phantastisch mit Menschen umgehen.

Annette hat gesagt…

Muratchen tut es gut, mal jemanden zu haben, dem es völlig wurscht ist, was er so von sich gibt, und nicht jede fixe Idee nachmacht, nur weil er es sagt. Bis nachher dann beim Bloggen.

P.S.: Du hättest wenigstens Photo mit Makeup nehmen können, obwohl das ist schon veraltet.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Please be up to date and report about "In Bad Taste" by M.F.Marcone

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely peoples,
could you wear your bourquine the next time Annette? Dida you visita Mat in Uribi Highlands, ita looka lika Mats swinging parlour.
Dearest lovely 24th decree cousin,
my harem is my harem okay?
Let us talka about the copper and uranium mines where we needa desperately little folks.
Yours frändly Murat

Annette hat gesagt…

Hallo, Murat,

ich wusste nicht dass Försterliesel-Susanna auch mitbietet.

Tja, ich hätte schon gerne gewusst, wie du dich aus dem Schlamassel mit dem Harem jetzt wieder herauswindest. Ich werde gar nichts dazu tun :)

Ausserdem kann ich anziehen, was ich will.

Anonym hat gesagt…

neineinein Försterliesel macht nicht mit bei Sklaverei! Von MIR hat Horus das nicht!