Mai 30, 2007

Visons of Steiner

Dearest lovely Antropsfyblogheads,
I ama back from Desert. After READING STEINERE(click link to see whata I read) I hada dream of our Mr. Steinere. This pic of vision I hada to finish to bringa to you. I thinka Mr. Steinere was hunter or? Unfortunately the title of the book was swept away by sunrays, desert wind and other elementals. Whata the title? Please helpa!
Yours frändly Murat
P.S. I hava hearda we hava embassy! Great Nerone I hava secretary with me. Who is Embassador? ...I know Christoph , the Goy. Do you accept?


nerone hat gesagt…

he is good, sharpened in tongue and brilliant in thought. he doesn#t take an a for an o, as i heard saying. if he is daccord i am. he slao had some very intresting engeneering questions. an he does velopeciclidistics (or so) which is good for the climax all over the world. i am for. go and ask him.

so anne so on

nerone hat gesagt…

slao is slangword for: also

terra canaillo hat gesagt…

dear uribi colleague murat!
is this also a contest? I saw your video, searching for the answer, and it was the word 'Rebhuhn' which gave me instant SATORI !
yes, this is from the 'philosophie der freiheit'!

greetings, tc kronstadt
PS.: I don't hope I've disturbed your contest now, or people are thinking that you gave me the solution, only because we work together from time to time !

Annette hat gesagt…

Nur ein Süsser darf Sekretärinnen als Hühner beleuchten. Mary-Jane freut sich auch noch drüber. An den Videokünstler: Dein Zimmer sieht Spitze aus. Bei dem Buch handelt es sich natürlich um "Mein Lebensgang".

P.S.:Ich hoffe, auch die Wirtin ist uns wohlgesonnen.

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

@justa forgeta thänx so I can buy it i couldn`t finish the book because our camel stepped over it and ate the last papers. I only hada that vision of mr. steinere. Thänx TC Kronstadt.
I ama very tired froma desert trip.

Christoph hat gesagt…

Great picture!

Annette hat gesagt…

The desert is the desert! You cannot plan the desert just because it is the same whereever you look. Even if you wait for a long time and do a lot of things the desert does not change. This is why people usually live for the oasis or castles. Thank you, Murat for your solidarity with the desert.