Mai 12, 2007

non-video cultural learninx in preparation of Ascension Day

MG reports! - As I wrote to you, dearest readerz, my family all are memberz of the Uribi Christian Church, whicha, with influences from all over to Atlantis, and a lota shamanism, is about to be the oldest religion in the world. Now on my way in Olde Europe and New America of thiz Mister Bush, I looka what is new in Christian religion, maybe I find some usefull thingies to bring back to my peoplez. In Uribistan we like all kindz of Colourz anda fine kitschy stuf. (Dear Readerz: if you look at my text, you surely noticed that it isa more shaped! Yes, my secretary, the dear tiny Miss Juba (a very beautifulllll daughter of great Gigili!), she looks a little bit that all is written in smooth shape!!). Well, back to the subject: I founda very nice Coloured Jesus for my peoplez! One is lika handsome Oracle, you ask Jesus and he answers! I hearda Mister Bush also hava one in Oval Room to make decisionz easier! And the other Jesus is lika LED-lamp, in psychedelic mood! I thinka these are very wonderfull Giftz for Ascension Day! Here they are:
On the left you see the LED-Jesus, on the righta the real answering Jesus. Here I give you description of both Toyz, as written in Announcement:
See the light! Turn him on and Jesus gives you a continuously moving psychedelic rainbow light display. Nearly 13" of extra groovy deity. Cordless. Takes 3 AAA batteries - INCLUDED.
Shipped in groovy gift box. 3/4 lbs. - details: weight 2.00 lbs, price: $ 24.99

and, to Answering Jesus:
The Magic 8 Ball version of the Son of God. Ask a question, tip him over, and viola! YOU know what Jesus would do. Almost 13" of deity, fuzzy, firm, and pink. Shipped in groovy gift box. 3 lbs. - details: weight 3.00 lbs, price: $ 10.00
As a special Gift for Readerz of the Uribistan Daily, we produce now a third Jesus, also for Ascension Day, witha little Mechanisements to Fly and rise up in sky! (in yellow, gold, pink & blue!)
Hava Nice Times!

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Annette hat gesagt…

Und die kleine Miss Juba gibt die Figuren aus, ja?
Dann finde ich, Bush sollte endlich seine Soldaten zurück nach Hause holen oder sich selbst in den Irak begeben.
Meine Frage ist ob George W. auf das Orakel hören wird?
Und warum sollte er auch?
Kirche, da ist Mr Bush ja auch Mitglied, spricht auch heute noch von Liebe, Hingabe, Freude und Mitleid. Deshalb hat Kirche für mich Zukunft.

Gruß, Annette