Mai 12, 2007

Eurovision Song Festival 2007

MG reports - Dear REaderz! Uribistan maka good chance in next year to singa in EUrofision Songfestival. For tonighta its very, very UNInteresting! If you wanna hear all the songz you can go to Spiegel.Online, there on Multimedia you finda ALL the this yearssongz! They are sóóó boring anda terrible! Our Uribi favorits from Iszrael do not sing anymore in it! Why? It was best song of all! In thiz year even Armenia and Republik MOldau (haha, do you know where thiz republic is?) sing in contest - also, nexta year Uribistan will be there! Murat and me and the Uribistan Harmony Urchesztra will sing beautifulll song about Camel and Women! NOw, just show on spiegel.Online the songz, then you know all the BULLSHIT before in shortversion (it isa all the same), and you can hava quiet and good Evening making other fine things!


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Is Harmony thrilling?
Well, I'm delighted to be as charming as Nina. Camel and Mat and Murat in one and the same song. Do not forget to bring your fidel, dear Murat. (My comment function is always open on windows ready and clean).
The Song Contest always was an opportunity for our family to meet - and we are about 100 people. See you in the evening!

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Dieses Jahr wird von Helsinki aus gekontert (Ore-Ore-Gässchen).
Uribistan singt bald wie ich hoffe in der Schweiz: