Mai 06, 2007

Cultural Learnix von Mr. Pregnant

What is racism? Do you know racism? Or is it justa favourite theme of desillusioned "Lefties"?
We think Mr. Pregnant has a lot of learnix for us and for you dearest Antropsfy Blogheads. On the blog of Mr. Nerone we hava interesting discussion about " racism and Antropsfy". You thinka o not again, no this time it isa different. Very relaxta! Hava look and stay tuned!!!
Murat Tchundyk reports


Christoph hat gesagt…

Hex Murat!

I don't like the neroneblog because its black. Anyway: I dropped a few comments over there.

So long, C.

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Christoph,
it isa nice thata you maka visit in Uribistan Daily. Yes very complicated
discussions goin on at Nerones. Too complicated for me to follow. I think everone should hava slaves. Next lifetime they might be Kings and the keeper of slaves will be a slave himself. Yeap thats Kärma! So I thinka hierarchies are not a problem in the long run isn`t ita so.
Yours frändly Murat

Annette hat gesagt…

Dear everybody,

What's up about that nerone's blog? The colour of that blog is fine and anyways it doesn't tell anything about nerone himself. You do not need to be a very political person to know this. I comment on nerone as well.

Mr.Cultural Learninx, if Kärma does not matter anyways, we could as well all work together and life is enjoyable for everyone right now! Dear Murat: I know you. Tricks like tuning problems off do not work on you anyways. This has happened before. You are way to smart to not see...

Have a lovely rest of your sunday, be welcomed on my blog wholeheartedly both of you (and everybody)

Annette hat gesagt…

Lieber Murat,

würdest du dich eigentlich auf eine Studierbank mit Ann Etta setzen wenn sie schwarz und außerdem ganz häßlich und doof wäre (wenn du wieder Schüler wärst) und dauernd von dir abschreiben wollte und dich außerdem ständig durchkitzeln würde wenn du grad arbeiten willst?

Das interessierte mich brennend

Annette hat gesagt…

(Es ist geschafft: trotz Blog bin ich wieder ganz die alte. Versprochen.)

nerone hat gesagt…

mr pregnant ist very remarkable. he is saying much about meeting people and very much about real life. on nerone though they talk about ghosts and stuff. people dead for long time waiting to be resourrected or so. nerone trys to understand what ghostly-touched people found for ideas and so. very theory without relaxation in program. that is where murat can start to dance on the nose of nerone and is bloodywell right to give us back relaxed views on life. i am very greatfull.

cheers nerone

so or the other way round

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

@ Annette and Ann Etta are this one person. Anyway I would play with Ann Etta " Who is afraid of the black woman? " You call it in djerman " Wär hatt angst form Schwartzen Mann:?" She coulda scare the shit out of all cheese faced blond kids on the schoolyard.
@ Nerone Dancing on your nose? Do hava bigger nose as I hava?
How is ita going with Steinere "the good and harmless Racist"? Coulda you finda out whether he is racist or noT?
Yours frändly Murat

nerone hat gesagt…

you mustbe good dancer to step my nose murat. :)
dificult question for a beginner in these Tings. i like say little racist rather then "no" or "good" or "harmless". I not afraid of what he said, i afraid of how it is to reed.
and: no, i tink i never find out. i tink in the end i just cancel racist tings outoffa his WERK and go on my ways. but it is interesting how many new direkt aspects on his tinking of such matters comes out which no where in media was given further. only that is a good aspeKt in the searches i do with help from bloggadistas.
but stay tuned and see in when you read me saying:

so or the other way round

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Hassan went to see drogerist.
Hassan: I hava problem with beetles under my bed.
Drogerist: I hava Drops. You catcha beetle and put drop into eye of beetles. Little animal canta see and donta finda food and dies.
Hassan: Wow... but if I hava beetle in hand I can squeeze hima to death. I donta need a drops.
Drogerist: Yes... SO OR THE OTHER WAY ROUND.
Old Kaskhi-URibi Folktale

Yours frändly Murat
P.S. In a way it is the same with Racist question isn`t it?

nerone hat gesagt…

how can i show real great amount of laughter to share with murat?

i realy find uribinista-folklor-filosopy a great winning for all folks around bloggolopoly...

sincere nerone

that way and no other....

by the way: watched the zappa vid's
most interesting was the interviewing kind of thing with this great journalist on his left side convinst he was talking to the devil himself and while trying to make his points he made a complete fool about himself. zappa said it all: it's about words.

Andreas hat gesagt…

Liebe Uribistan Daily,
Euern Beitrag finde ich klasse zum Rassismus. Wollte mich entschuldigen dafür, dass ich Herrn Tchundyk versucht habe nachzuäffen auf einem anderen Blog.
Alles Liebe Andreas von der Eigenlobduftetwettbewerbsjury

nerone hat gesagt…

it's time to give him relief for his sins, so far as i am concerned.
andreas got my indulgence for his errors. so far as he will vote for me, that is to say (*).

so or so, so what, what so?


(*) just kidding, i'm democrat - as long as I'm president....

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Nerone,
shouldn`t we punish hima. hava Crucifixion party for hima with hima, so he is gonna pay for the sins he committed. And we cana hava fun with the poking game.
Yours not sos frändly anymore Murat
P.S. I think the Goy shoulda decide whata do next. He a wisa man lika Portia in the merchant of venice.

nerone hat gesagt…

goy should say, you right. and i completley forgot the pontius party! shame on me! and you poke first of course. i'm so keen to know what premium may suggest. griggle griggle griggle (i'm getting stoned, doing this djiermanthing - but it is so funny!) :))

Annette hat gesagt…

Also ich muß mich hier einfach hineindrängen um das letzte Wort zu haben nur wenn meine Schwester einen Wunsch hat, gut oder weniger gut, dann soll er halt wahr werden...
Wer bin ich um für sie aufzusprechen, oder sie im Verlauf ihres Karmas abzuhalten, wir alle haben unsere Lektionen zu lernen selbst die Pontius Partei etc etc
Christoph macht allerdings was er möchte, wenn man ihm dreinredet wird selbst er irgendwann zornig, das habe ich erlebt. Man sieht es ihm ja nicht an, weil er immer so lustig tut, es ist aber doch so...