Mai 29, 2007

Sri Puppetji Tiehrháw first Guru learninx for Blogheadz

Let us present today (we thinka, it is a very necessary) the first Truth-Speaky-Session of our Holy Beloved Sri Puppetji Tiehrháw froma South-East Uribistan. Sri Puppetji belongz to the small group of Rest-Hindi people in that region. Their shamans hava very olde wizdom. We lika it to present you. Ofcoursa, Sri Puppetji isa not directly in oura spiritual streaming, buta we thinka that thera could be readerz who lika him! So we asked this old horney Mindfucka to speak to us! Anda, if you wanna hear, after thiz olde wizdom, some gut music anda lyricz made by our canaillo friendz anda blog-fatherz at big uribi-canaillo party last week, you go here to terra canaillo! Yourz Overstreaming Mat Gundo.

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