Mai 24, 2007

Overstreaming Lova as it is!

-mg comments- As I wrota on comments at the Egoist-Triba Site, The Uribistan Daily willa put video of Eternal Patti Smith. Asa I red now the article of my friend anda Uribi-blog-fatha TC Kronstadt, I remembered it, ana here it is. Very simple, only guitar anda voice, it is songa to maka love anda going in Heavenz! Overstreaming Lova for all Readerz!

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Annette hat gesagt…

"The way I feel when I'm in your hands"

"When I've doubt when I'm alone, love is a ring on the telephone"

without you - forgive - I cannot live ... because we believe in the night we're lovers

Es tut so gut, Egoisten zu sein. Danke lieber Komm. für die Göttliche Musik. Ich wußte, Mat kennt uns.