Mai 15, 2007

important newz from the uribi daily redaction!

Dear readerz! Today, also the URL of our Uribistan Daily has changed! It isa not any longer the canaillo2 http address, but now it is:

We changed the URL becausa of technical reasonz. We still lova the real Canaillo Blog, and wisha Joseph C., TC KRonstadt, beautifulll Jane and all the others a lotta good timez in real anda virtual Life. Also in the future, occasionally they will writa some thingies in The Uribi Daily!
Yours, Murat Tchundyk & Mat Gundo


AOEA hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot!!
I dit put it...into my FAVORITEZ!

I will leave a short message on AOEA ..because I have terribly viel zu tun! look i about 6 hours!! sorry, I must go away!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Stuff for Free.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I bookmarked my favourite and complete my wishlinklist.
I soon move out of my mom's into my real house. She is an Original but I am, too.
Uribistan can be a home for Jane for a jear or so. Work on the green card program.