Mai 13, 2007

Taming the inner lion

Dearst lovely Antropsfy blogheads,
I lova Minaretts and I am sada that soma peoples willa nota hava them around the corner. Why? I dunno understanda. You hava Mac Donalds all over the world whya you donta hava Minaretts everywhere, ifa you donta lika the way Muezin is singin, justa shoot hima down geta new one.
I willa go into desert and meditate about ita. I call it the Taming of the inner lion. I also practice a bita Nail and Wood religion: I forgiva you Mr. Andreas.
Yours frändly Murat
When falcon- lika I darted from my world
of mystery upward and upward flying.
No wise man stood there saying: Hello my friend I hava the truth for you!
So back i dived by the same narrow door.
Omar Kayaam


Anonym hat gesagt…

Good news for Mr Andreas: The truth is that LOVE is all around. We keep our Muezzin and Mullah.

Verständnis und Vertrauen stammen aus derselben Wortgruppe (bei mir jedenfalls).

Mat wird begeistert sein.

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Stuff for Free.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello dearest lovely Murat,

I take a peace of forgiveness,
some candy for the children,
clothes for Christoph
lots of savoir-faire to everybody,
a home for the poor,
a VIP Flight(2 People)to Roma
ein Kuschelkissen zum Ausheulen
a come together
rain sunshine rain sunshine