Mai 25, 2007

about karma

-mat gundo reports- Dear Readerz! Dear Anthroblogheadz! The Egoist Triba now has interesting posts about antropsfy anda thoughts about Karma. The Egoist himself, Mister Michaelo Eggert, wrote to me in comment: 'Mat, writa what you believe in...' Let me tell you know what I thinka about Karma. If you don’t lika to read this Nerone-like stuff, you can read and see and hear all the otha beautiful thingsz in The Uribistan Daily! Wella, let me talka, it's lika Ruud Steiner would also tell you (ofcoursa in good austrian-tsherman).
If we coma in thiz world, at the tima we react in the world, we are making Karma. Karma is a logical implication in acting in the World. The way, we make karma in the world, is through our body. If we do not had a Physio Booty, we could not act in this physio world. Ofcourse we are vivid beings, we are growing beings, regenerating ourselves every night in sleeping, Thiz isa not physio booty, while physio booty alone goes way down to earth. It is few dayz after dead lika olda Käsebrot. The Electric Booty helps us to stay in our physio booty. At the same Tima we ara also beings that act, feel, love, hate, think, imagine, feeling good, feeling sad, having inner movements, thiz is all beautiful Astro Booty. In the middle of astro booty, as a little focal point, we have Ego-Constellation. It remindz us that we are those who we ara: Spirits, Entities, out of time anda space, coming from spiritual world into thiz world of flesh anda blood. In heavenz we look what we can do in incarnation on this earth. In our deepezt inside we stay pure, in the outside world we are collecting karma. Ofcoursa we are responsible for it. It is lika being Chief in big global enterprise, or being chief in government: if a little co-worker makez big mistake, you ara at the end responsible for it, although you did not do the bloody thing yourself! So it isa also witha creating new karma. Why we are doing thiz hera in thiz world? Because we must maka of this kosmos of wisdom a kosmos of love (beautiful wordz of ruud steiner). Thiz is particular message of being human in this world.
We must bring our karmic experience to our pure Self. If I come in this world, the more I am aware of those things, the bigger isa my responsibility! As a child I make little Karma, anda dying very young, I am going in the heavenz very quick. I need not to look, to collect, to internalize (here it is a very funny to use this word) anda giving sense the movements of the new karma I created in last life, ofcoursa I do this togetha with my angel and other beingz . Getting older, ofcourse I hava lota more to do.
Now I’m a walking on earth, and I met other peoplez, I met a world I did also create in other life-existence in world. We are kind of Co-Creators of the world! So, there ara more karmic streams I hava to live in: 1) my own karmic stream, the thingz I did in other life, and have formed me now as I am, 2) the karmic stream of the World, that I ‘m a little Co-Creator, which comes from other direction to me, 3) if those two streams (my own karmic stream from the past and the from future coming stream of world) have a collision we are in the here and now anda new karma is born. As I said becoming more anda more Aware of those things, we can try to change ourselves, and creating good karma. Those little drops of good new karma is the substance of Love, with this substance we can builda new world, as they say, New Jerusalem. Also, it is a not our Goal to stop with making Karma, but live more consciousness and producing little gold drops of Love for building New Jerusalem.
So, in a few dayz or weekz I willa talk a little bit about Holy Trinity. Magash, Overstreaming yourz!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Mat und Murat on differnt trains?
Der eine auf dem Gurutrip der andere auf dem Bewusstseinsseelentrip?

Anonym hat gesagt…

I've always envied your lovely english a little bit. You are well to understand (just as Mr Eggert is - who is Hannelore Schicker by the way?).
Hier meine Frage: Du sagst du baust ein Projekt in der Schweiz auf. Warum? Bedeutet das "das Neue Jerusalem bauen" für dich, wie du sagst?
Hey, ich hab das Gefühl es gibt bald wieder viele Neuigkeiten! Ich wünsch dir gutes Durchkommen mit deinen Telefonleitungen!
Barbara besuche ich außerdem gerne, denn ihr Karma verdient es.

Wir nehmen es an!!

Ich wünsche allen herrliches Sommerwetter und ein unvergeßliches Pfingstfest!

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Mat you take my breath away. You`ve got your GA not only in your "pear" buta also in your heart.
Totally overstreamed Murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

So Mat contra Murat leads to the same result! I always knew, and love it.