November 25, 2007

Some minor mistakes in war times


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi peacenix,

a nightly inspiration revealed to me that R.St. is incarnated, but - however wellknown and beloved - unrecognized until now. Some of his contemporains are incarnated as well, for proof look at this little video and hear them sing:

Judy was an eurythmixgirl: her huge blue eyes, tresses, sweet smile, her posture and an enduring inclination to wavy forgetmenotblue eurythmic frocks - there aint no doubt! And (my tastelessly volume addicted son Murat-Horus look!) please admire her ravishing decolletage and her rosebudbosom!
Well, for all of us there are things we cant untie.

By the way: how is sweet little Selimara? Still devouring GA?

Mama Isis

Murat hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Isis-Mum,
Judy isa greät and Leonard looka lika Dustin Hoffman.
Selimara giva me Buddha smile every day. I ama so happy and I feel blessed by all Uribi Gods!
Yours frändly Murat