November 24, 2007

Another colour of WAR

Dearest lovely Antropsfy Blogheads ( specially Goy, Green little river and Happy beater Israel fans)
I ama back from Pamela Partying and I wanna rememba my two israeli girlfränds back in my younga days. They showed me very proud their military pics. I was at this time sucha prick being even afraid ofa big djerman sheperd doggy.I wonta giva you the names of two female soldiers, but Cheesus they were good girls. My grandma a anti semite my grandpa jewish chassidims from otha side and their grandparents survivors ofa concentrationcamp I thinka it wasa the big one nota the one they hada theatre and good uribi music. I tella you fränds there wasa no easy ding dong weewewewe acction between me and the two. I partly failed and partly succeeded buta that isa long long was a horrible bermuda triangle thingy between us... anyway You canna imagine thata I ama still traumatized by the holocaust. Damn thing!!! I wasa losta between right and wrong between light and dark between Cheesus and Jehova, between Bible and Thora between grandma and grandpa. Later I ended up in Uribistan with Allah. So religion hasa always to do with sexual longing, buta I always lived a ina DIASPORA( Annette justa google it up my lida christian girl :) )
I tella you I never founda the ring ofa the three religions of Ephraim Lessing. I ama still longing for fulfillment.
Uribistan isa station ofa my DIASPORA ( for how long?)with ANtropsfy thingies it gave me the taste of Ephraims Ring . Buta not always.
Anyway I losta red thread whata I wanted to say. By the way this partying with Pamela was justa greät, buta after a while very boring so I willa turn to religion again... justa for a while... and then to pure more partying and no more prayin`.
So long fränds and goodbye i lova you all as you are we are greät community ofa madmen and madwomäns.
Yours Murat And hello to T. in Netanya and T. somewhere in the Negev desert. Sometimes i caught myself thinking when I see slideshow your daughtas are amongst them. The one at the barbed wire the one on the beach. I wonder whata woulda hava happen ifa my mum was jewish-ukrainian anda not my Dad. Tsssstsss... swimming in the Dead Sea witha my daughtas in the army, reading all your blogs and newspaper of Antropsfysts and being an agricultural apple plucker in the Negev.... Karma ? A trick of destiny? A joke? maybe or nota?


Annette hat gesagt…

Oh Murat, you are so sweet. I would never sell you.

Kerstin Schade hat gesagt…

So, dear Murat, all this post tells me that anneTTe, veiled Christian "girl" and real Goy (do you say that for women), knows what fullfillment is.

But this very ring you can only find two or three together!

And this is my house, this is my boat. Oecumenia was one to start off!!

Kerstin Schade hat gesagt…
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Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

The selling begins at a secret place¨.
Yours Murat