November 09, 2007

WARNINGZ: our songz kidnapped by bloody djermanistan funsite?!

-Mat Gundo reportz- We don't know what happened to internetsite Zabim. You, dear readerz, you have thiz also on your PC, if you wanna hear our great Uribi campfire songz anda sing with us - you come on bloody funsite of Thiz is site where peoplez in djermanistan maka big dirty laughterz. Is Zabim now controlled by anda his fat masquotti girlz? Or is it bloody hackerz who made thiz? Or, most bad possibility: they kidnapped our Uribisongz! I will write thiz guyz letter, official from our Daily anda of The Free anda Everyoung Republic!
PostaScript: Here is letter I wrote to guyz of Lustich Tribe:
Dearezt Mista Chief Thomas Promny, dearezt Manager-headz anda System-Headz of!
In our Uribistan Daily (URL below), we hava few fine songz published from Murat Tchundyk, the UHU (Uribistan Harmony Urcheztra) and me, Mat Gundo. Usually we have Zadim site, we put on the trackz. But now, if we, and all dear readerz of us, like to hear our songz, we come on your Djermanistan Laughter Site of with fat masquotti Girl. How this is possible? Did you eat Zabim, ok, fine, but where is our music? Is Zabim hacked by evil guyz (maybe of Tzjop Clan?) and now all peoplez who wanna hear good music, see only bloody jokez? Are we only site with this problem, or is it general bullshit-thingy? Anda is it also bullshitting for you? Maybe you did not notice thiz problem, anda you ara wondering why so many peoplez (also from Uribistan) ara visiting your site, even without speaking Djermanistany!I hope you can throw evil beside, lotz of Overstreamingz, Mat Gundo


Christoph hat gesagt…

With my very serious ambassadorial support!

Mat, did you call the U.S.A to take action in the case?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello, Murat,

Thanks for Mats letter. Very informative!

Don`t give contol about your site to anybody. Only - why should anybody want to do so?

Be free, be funny, be happy.
Hugs & Kisses Annette

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Mat, one suggestion: Why don`t Christoph, you folks and I go together and work against internet control.

You could also call YouTube by the way and ask them why they don`t send my music to my Blog.

For now, I am going to listen to MURATMUSIC and UHU, steal apples and plant trees, ever more.

and don`t forget: be happy!

Blogbeing hat gesagt…


Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest funny little blogbeing,
i tear you magic balls away, how ona earth canna you hava courage abouta to laugh that.
Anyway sometimes you hava to leta go!
Yours not so frändly Murat

Christoph hat gesagt…

Dear Murat,

I apologize for the behaviour Hicklussar. He is back in the blogosphere and this he wants to show us. Maybe he has been together with Susanna?

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

dearest Ambassador,
sorry I losta my temper, buta now we hava our music again anda I ama verrrrry happy. Hicklussar donta know eveil and good so it isa excused.
By the way how are you? How isa Berlin in Novemba?
Here it isa dead lika sardines in tins.
Yours frändly again Murat
P:S. Senda Hicklussar in a woodwilatsch Kindergarten, he desperately needs ita!!!!!

Blogbeing hat gesagt…

Ich bin froh, dass du wieder froh bist.


Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

dearest little blogbeing,
I ama happy that you are happy so we both are on the road of the pursuit of happiness. but beware ofa the INCREDIBLE BLOGBEAST the sasquatch or Big Foot! He devours beings as you for lunch!!!!!!
So hushh up to bed and dream sweet!

Yours frändly Uncle Murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dearest Uncle Murat,

I hope you are nicer than B.
It is so cool that you loose your temper ;-D I love that. Do you use Weleda or WALA?

P.S. do not be confused. Only Vaticans you can stand around.

I hope you found Joseph & Janes ads.

Christoph hat gesagt…

Your blog seems to be still captured by the zabim guys. Sometimes a pop-up window appaers and asks to login to administration. I made a screenshot: