November 12, 2007

Murat hits the US Hip Hop Charts!?????

Yesa I ama challanga thos americained MOFOS lika 50 cent and Eminem. We Uribis hava our own Hip Hop. Yeah I spend the last few months in the backyards and backstreets ofa Hamasheyk and thena my fränds thisa songa cama to me flyin lika bird. Dig this and buy ita!
Yours old MOFO Murat


Anonym hat gesagt…

Wahnsinn. Meine Zimmerlinde zittert immer noch.
Don Michele

Frans Neugebauer hat gesagt…

Meine Güte! Murat muss das sein?
Servus Frans

Oberfoerster hat gesagt…

na des is ja mal frischer wind im Wüstensand-wer wollte da nichtmal das lowland grass testen ?



Anonym hat gesagt…

your Rap: much much cooler than Diddys!

our Sofa: a bit smelly, yes, but we do not care, goatz and dogs and guests and blogbeings happy together; nobody is in disguise!

Hi Herr Oberförster, we know you are around, I saw the brenneke and the dog found bloody tissue.

Anonym hat gesagt…

That song is superhot!

Now all of you prepared that sofa, I bring my Kuscheldecke (against smell) let us sit down and chat - life after driving around in that car of yours.

Guess your Oberförster (is Mat a mofo?!?) is done now clearing out and cutting together some wood for a campfire (good for hüttenzauber: check my link)

Pssst murat where do you have that microphone from? Could I borrough it