November 11, 2007

Kidnapping 2 anda Jamphetamines druggiez

- Mat Gundo reportz - Olde Uribi word says: 'If you lost your ape, you will find camel.' Well, we lost our Zabim, anda found now new site for our videos, photographs anda lotz of music, it's called: Jamphetamines. We hope that this site will live longtimez, anda stays also good musical site, without to mucha videoz of only boops anda doing wild-as-a-horse dingdongz. In Zabim lotz of peoplez only put videoz with biggezt of all those thingiez! But, otha Uribi word: 'Is it worth a bunch of warm Yeti shit?' We have got our songz back now. Lost ape anda found camel!
From the real kidnapperz we do not know anything. Till now, bloody joking site of oversized girlz did not react in anyway, but it's weekend, and they surely hava big fat lustich party with lot of spaghettiez anda cookiez anda drinkz and all that stuff. Maybe tomorrow thiz mister chief of lustich, the honorable Thomas Promny writes us letter. Also in internet nothing can be find of dizappearing of Zabim. But, readerz anda listenerz, you can hear us again! Jamphetamines is nice site, one thingie: my Uribi brotha Murat said to me he thinkz music soundz lida bit deeper anda also slower here. Do you think so? To me it seems lida bit deeper, but that's why before on Zabim it was lida bit higher as normal, now you hear my voice really sexy as it is. But to say it's slower, well maybe, but only 0,01 sekondz. I think, it's truth. Just enjoy it again! Overstreamingz!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello, dear Murat, did you call YouTube already why they do not send that music to my blog? :(

I hope you do not mind my little joke, I could never sell you (promise).


Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

dearest lovely Annette,
your pic isa great. No musica isa not on YOU TUBE buta ona Jamphetamines.
Yours Murat