November 17, 2007


-mat gundo reportz- As you could read in the sideboard, we do advertisementz for you! Now, Our ambassador in berlin, Mister Goy, have ordered three different advertisementz. We made the firzt (you can see beside). And because he is firzt, anda we like advertizement pic, we do it here lida bit bigger, enjoy doing it in the heavenz! (if you clicka on it, it is even more bigga!). Special message to Our Ambassador: ofcourse Mr. Hicklussar, your blogbeing, isa welcome in Uribi Highlandz, our Incredible Blogbeazt will take care of him. Meanwhile I take lotz of care of Susanna (showing her Magix Places in the Highlandz!).


Anonym hat gesagt…

Cool that you show Chris and the heavens the way you do. Lots of possibilities for transformation.

This little test is one of Mats best!

Christoph hat gesagt…

Dear Uribistan Daily staff!

The Goy-Ad is wonderful. But some readers may ask a question: What kind of being do we see on the shoulder of the woman on the top left?

What concerns the I.B.: I hope it will treat him tenderly!

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Dearezt our Ambassador!
Ofcourse Hicklussar ist also in the party!
Overstreamingz, yourz Mat Gundo

Blogbeing hat gesagt…

Ich bin in großer Vorfreude auf Weihnachten. Ich bin nur ein wenig beunruhigt wegen IB.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Ja hallo, meine Lieben, hallo, lieber Hicklussar.

Sei unbesorgt. Ich bin da, alles ist gut.