Juni 12, 2007

Uribistan Embassy is open now!!!!

An important moment in Uribi history. The Embassy is for all free peoples all over the world. ( Sorry Goy, we couldnt finda Mercedes, but in Berlin traffic jam you are more mobile with that italian car, nica secretary for you Goy? pleasa tella peoples when you are open and learn our Hymn by heart)Nerone also biga thank you, a mix of Steiner, Wright and Zumthor. He musta be devil of a architect.
Yours frändly Murat
P.S. Apply (click link for further infos)for lifetime Green Card and see where our country is?


nerone hat gesagt…

I know the one part, which shows me, that freddy was not, as they made all believe from pakistan or india. he was uribi!

hear if you don't believe....

i am overthetop

Annette hat gesagt…

Uribistan is to be loved by herself ;-)
The real Janes, knowing or pseudo, never needed to be the best but wished the best place for everyone.

Uribi greeting

Christoph hat gesagt…

Great car!!! And the secretary - well, she hasn't blond hair but she is good looking. Italian like the car?

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dear Christoph,
the devil wears Prada. I thinka her shoes are italian, I am confused witha thisa differrenta european tribas.
The besta place for everyone.Indeed!
Nerone the car park neeeda roof. I thought you cann create s.th. lika Munich Olympia stadion. The name of Architect Freiherr von.... he nearly Antropsfyst definetly a good reasercher.
Yours frändly Murat

Annette hat gesagt…

Aha, so this was coming from you as well! Interesting to notice nowadays.
You probably mean Eystett glAshouse. Nice example that a higher spirit inspires an institution of this very world. Remarkable couple of people they indeed are Anthroposophists.

Cornelius hat gesagt…

Na bitte

Geht doch!