Juni 09, 2007

I ama alive!!!!!!!!! Try a little tenderness

Dearest lovely antropsfyblogheads,
Hamasheyk is freeeeeeee!!!!! The repairs on the Kasakhi-Stress-Test-machine is ready and steady to begina.
i thought after i hava been in warzone to maka my bloground. Cheesus, wartriba very damaging. Nerone hada two Kamikaze fighters on his blog, the Happy Beater and iliterate Mr. Goat. he wanted to make Neronybar shut. Called Last orders, drinka up boys and go home, buta they demolished all tables, glasses, so that Doctor Franky was comin in other blog at the Egoistaa nd suggested mental distortion is around, wow, Barbaras Numba 1 and two weree scratchin their eyes outa. Mr. Big Editor from National Ghost News Info 3 were givin English lessons and introduced new word BESHOUWERED. Mr. Goat interpreted and so on...Mat whata on earth were you doin there whila we were shootin the shit out of the dark forces of Caliban? It worked in the enda thanks Ulfat and Mat. Nerone is invitin now real fränds to his blog. And Green little river went ona holiday Helllauuuuu, makin big bussines witha Josie Canillo!!!!I knew Josie and Green-little-River good business mäns. Annette is bankrupt no more bloggin parties. Mr. kronstadt hada to explaina a lota. Hey I ama confuseda. Lampenhausen was attacket by the beater. He the Beater suggesta heavy sexual intercourse practica, some kinda of Anthropotantra? Canna you giva me answers? Goy is sittin in his bloga sits in hisa blog smokin fat cuban cigars and thinks: When the heck is the openin party of Uribistan Embassy in Berlin. Nerone is waitin for his secretary he has to share witha Christoph. Oh yesa sir, masa you geta Mercedes soon and secretary.
besida film you seee secretary for NERONE and GOY:
And now lets try a little tenderness and shaka your booty. And dearest lovely Mr. Cohen, you are little rascal torturing youra little followers by forcin them to maka spirtually high pressured push ups. Softies those westerners, keep challenga those weaklings. I treat my slaves at home also sometimes lika dogs, and you know they are thankful and grateful for ita, buta today lets all shaka and be tender. This is preperation party for embassy openin in Berlin.
Yours frändly full hearted free and ever young Murat Tchundyk


Anonym hat gesagt…

Lieber Mat
Ich glaube, einige wollten mich hängen sehen. Das passiert hier im wilden Westen schon mal, wenn die Gäule durch gehen. Sonst sind wir ganz friedlich, aber bei Kloppereien, an Karneval und Weihnachten rasten wir aus. Da gerade nicht Karneval und nicht Weihnachten war, nehme ich an, dass es Klopperei war. We all shaka and are very tender.

Anonym hat gesagt…

mijn geheim netwerk ving verontrustende geruchten op over het wrede lot van sterke vrouwenn in urbistan. zij worden uitgefloten, gemarmerd en tot huwelijksplicht verlicht. zij mogen geen beroep uitoefenen als kappertjes en leerpachten, noch mogen zij journailleren. wat, dierbare murat is de ultieme waarheid daar???


Christoph hat gesagt…

Dear Yasmin,

may I introduce myself - I am your new boss. I like blonde women, everything will be fine. Your first job: Call Mat Gundo and tell him that I want him to moove his ass over here and bring the keys for the ambassador's car. Than you call your husband and tell him that you will come home very late this evening. Do you like red wine?

See You,

Mat Gundo hat gesagt…

Dear Chriztoph! PLease stay humble if you wanna take over the ambassador'z seat for Uribistan in Berlin! I tella you something: Yasmin is new correspondent for The Uribi Daily in the Netherlandz anda Belgium! She will work together with Tuprak Gigili (son of great Shaman Gigili) anda bring out dutch/french verzion of the Uribi. But it will taka time (having office etc.). I thinka in september the new edition startz!
Yasmin aks above about situation of strong women in Uribistan. There is a big diffrence between Women in the Ever Young and in the Free part. In the Ever Young women ara free, in the Free part they are not so free (you only hava to read my Uribi Brother Murat about women!!) By the way: Murat's ass have to move for the car-keys, I hava nothing to do with thiz! Anda surely he has some Dubidu-girl for you. Handz off from Yasmin, being an ambassador or not!
Yourz overstreaming, Mat Gundo

nerone hat gesagt…

i am pleased with secretary and thankful for help.hopefully she is not into heavy diskussion.



Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Antropsfyblogheads,
@ Welkomje dearest lovely Yasmin, I ama so sorry abouta our Ambassador, he also Kasakhibrother he greät goy, yes we hava....strong womäns in Uribistan...I ama nota so expert in womänslib questions in Uribistan. Mat will answer those question he verrry educated .
@ Christoph, your first action as Ambassador was a fall into Rhine, anyway you willa learn and you also geta extra prvate secretary, buta be nica to peoples okay?
Next few days secretary, car and embassy will be shown on this blog.
@ michael we are verry happy you not hangin from gallow. iwasa verry worried abouta you.
@ mat were the hella are you? You didn`t come to last editorsmeeting why? We needa written report from Doctor Franky next time.
@ Nerone I ama so happy you are under the living again. No secretary is verrry inteligent, she only discusses if it isa worth to waste some words.
Biga lickin Kissas for All of you
Dropa out and stay tuned and pleasa be tender okay?
Yours frändly Murat

Annette hat gesagt…

Liebe Leute, da bin ich wieder und habe alles mitgeschrieben. Übrigens kann ich nur entweder schreiben oder führen und zum Rundumgang war ich allein da, leider. Gebt den Gigilis eine Chance!
Außerdem: Ich mache mir Sorgen, und zwar um Lampenhausen, der hier erwähnt wird. Er veröffentlicht selten, und wenn dann wissen wir beim Bericht handelt es sich um sein Herzblut. Warum sein Geld nehmen und nicht ihn selbst? Warum Vertrauen missbrauchen? Was passiert mit ihm wenn er sich wieder heraustraut aus seinem Schneckenhaus? Wird er mit seiner Leidenschaft vollkommen abgetörnt? Bitte geht nochmal in euch und überlegt was mit der neuen Pädagogik ursprünglich bewirkt erden sollte. Wenn ihr damit fertig seid in euch zu gehen, dann besucht mich gerne wieder im neuen Annettebüro.
Bei Gronbach wollte ich übrigens canaillo auf die Schippe nehmen der Scherz wurde scheints wieder mißverstanden, warum? Ich schreib gerne für andere aber nur wenn keine Trüben Tassen dabei sind.
Murat, hast du meine Frage an Mat weitergeleitet, du weißt schon. Ich hab alles aufgeschrieben.

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Annette,
I ama so happy that you are here again, buta i musta say the question I hava losta my brain isa nota workin good anymore, since my interview with Tim. i thinka it wasa the passive smokin and now I suffer from mental distortion. Anntte I hava to see ya in your wellness oasis to get my heady screwed on the right place again. Whata happend with Fritz Forger Bloggs?
Yours frändly Murat

Annette hat gesagt…

Dear Murat: Good for you you say what you want me to do to help you. I still like hosting you and everybody. It is nice to hear the phone ringing. But now there is a lot of work to do.