Juni 12, 2007

Anthropsfy in Tschermany

-mg reportz- Ofcourse, in these timez with big Murat party, and again party with opening of our Embassy, we are very busy. But, there is allwayz a time to introduce great eventz in intellectual, philosophical anda antropsphycal fieldz! Mister Zanders from Berlin has written a great book about the history of Anthropsfy in Tschermany*. Mister Zanders himself is not anthropsfyhead, and therefore it is a, I thinka, more objective anda honezt as other bookz about this topic can be. I thinka, this book must be read by the real anthropsfyheadz and everybody who is seriously interested in the matter! There is only one thing: this booky is very expensive - it is 246,-- €! This is about 480,-- old tscherman marks! Anda a lot, lot of Uribi Dollars! Ofcourse I know, everything is relative. If you, anthropsfy blogheadz goes into good Lady's Red House, you pay for an evening witha few girlz and champaign and four roses whiskey 500,-- €. This price you pay for two bookz of Zanders! In Lady's Red House you hava one night big fun anda two months veneric evil. Buying two bookiez of Zanders, you hava one day bad consciousness if your wife ask you money for shopping, but afterwardz you hava 2-3 months of real BIG ANTHROPSFY FUN! Also, you can choose! For those, who wanna go into Lady's Red House, I made translation in Uribi-English, it will be much cheaper as original anda only have about 192 pagez! Today I wrota the 'Verlag Vandenhoeck & RuprechT' to send me one specimen to translate!In Uribi-English, it's edited by the Uribi State & Peoplez Library, the title and prize is: Anthropsfy in Tschermany - theopsfy visionz anda society doingz, small version 190 pages, translated by Mat Gundo. Recycled sowjet-paper 50,- U$ (Uribi Dollar), goat-skin version 199,- U$. 1U$=0,27 €-cents.

The original german book you find here!* Anthroposophie in Deutschland -Theosophische Weltanschauung und gesellschaftliche Praxis 1884–1945 1. Auflage 2007 1916 Seiten mit 37 Abb. und 36 Tab. in 2 Bänden, gebunden 246,00 € [D] ISBN 978-3-525-55452

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Annette hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Murat I place my advertisement to make people known to my book and to even find this one reader who learned to love anthroposophy!
Mats translation is the most special edition! Thank you for your explanation, since we are reading. We do not need advantages to get by bying this or that edition.
It is all in the closeness of reader and writer.