Juni 02, 2007

Iraq the second Vietnam? Condi answers

Dearest lovely Antropsfyblogheads,
tired of Iraqdiscussion? On Whitsun 2007 Vietnam Vets gathered in Washington ona Memeorial Day to remember the 58 000 Soldiers getting missed and killed in Vietnam. They rolled on Harleys and Golden Wings into Washington. They called it "Rolling Thunder". Young Americans(wood village pupils?) makea Condi speak upa in VIDEOCLIP(click link to watch). Why is there fear that America gives up their leader position in World, if they loose war in Iraq or geta outa quickly? After loosing war in Vietnam (anda it wasa worsa), America didn`t breaka togetha. It is nota the lefties only who wishes the war to end, ita is mothers, girlfriends, husbands anda children of soldiers on both sides. Okay Lockhheed and Tomahawk shareholders will be bankrupt. ( I know Goy nota good for capitalism)
Donta forgeta that.
Yours frändly Murat Tchundyk (fränd of America and the free world in general and so on)I justa wanta to remember part of America who is a nota satisfied with government, so this report hasa nothing to do with Antiamericanism or protesting from Left to Right or the other way round, it isa question of Life and Death) Do you hava family membas in Iraq? Americains or Iraqis ( doesnt f...ing matter)

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