Juni 04, 2007

real anda false enlightenment!

-mg reports- in these dayz we hava in the Uribi Higlandz great every year conference of all leading shamans in Uribistan. traditionally we do this in our Highlandz in special place called Hcan-Rôd (as non-native reader you can speak hakan-rott, or something lika that). Ofcoursa we ara also becoming modern times there, and so we heard mister Dattatreya Siva Baba talking on a big screen about false anda truth enlightenment. It is also very nica to hear otha meaningz ina world anda looking how far today's gurus, sages anda priests anda some bloody pseudo-mindblower are. We thinka that for all antropsfy headz, again in heavy discussionz about guruz and enlightenmentz, it is also nice to hear what Mister Dattatrey Siva Baba is a saying to us. I am a very happy that in these dayz I can be here in the Uribi Highlandz, ina old fathalandz, as a reporter from the Uribistan Daily, and cann tella you all about thiz important shamanconference!

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