Dezember 18, 2008

Communiqué 4

People of Uribistan! Proudly our Gouvernment can tell you, that the great lost son of Uribistan, Murat Tchundyk, in western countries known as HH Murat Joy Tchundyk, came back to his great country. We hope we can have a good collaboration with him. Under certain conditions he can do his work in our people's republic, and we will help him to realise his plans. One of the first great things he did, was recording a new song (see below). This song is dedicated to all peoples struggling on Great Way to Freedom. May this song be a hit in Uribistan, Kazakstan, Kirgizistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbeidjan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Persia and in all other great neighbour republics. Let it be a Hitsong in America North ans South too! May it be played on Cubaradio, on Venezuelaradio, on Brasilradio, but also on Djermanistanradio! With this song we will export our Uribi revolution, as little as a shoe, but bigger as a jetplane full of bombs, in the whole world! To all fundamental muslims we say: don't throw stones! To all western imperialists we say: don't throw bombs! JUST THROW SHOES!! Comrade Chök Hak.

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