Dezember 04, 2008

Communiqué 1

People of Uribistan! View the video on the left - view our worker Surendrin Singh at Muni River in deep East-South of our People's Republic: he is Working Class Hero Uribistan 08. In less as 1 Minute he takes 22 bricks. He brings them in less then 20 seconds to the next working place. If he walks back it's only 5 seconds. He starts again. In one hour he can do this 40 times. This is 902 bricks in one hour. If he has good day he makes 1100 bricks. In these good days, and since people rule in Uribistan everything is good, he can make in 10 hours about maximum 11.000 bricks. This is six-day limit of about 66.000 bricks in one week of good work for our new nasion. Everybody has to take example of this great worker. Therefore he is Working Class Hero. We will try with the best of hard working class to get an amount of 100.000.000 bricks in a week in housebuilding. This is bricks/anno. In five years we will increase our brickproducsion. Our aim is to produce bricks. In second year, after rebuilding our People's REpublic, we will make export and trading in our neighboorhood countries, also to former USSR anda other former and neo-sowjet nasions. Comrades, stay together in the big struggle against capitalism and all other non-uribisocialistic -isms.
Comrade Hak Chök.

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Edouard Häberle hat gesagt…

Deer Mir. Hak Chök,
mai inglisch nota good I do it in cherman.
Des kleine Inderle mit dene Backsteine, kann man das sich ausleihen?
Ich bin nämlich grade am Häusle bauen!
Natürlich alles schwarz.
Edouard Häberle, DE-Baden-Württemberg