Dezember 04, 2008

Communiqué 2

People of Uribistan! People who help us in whole world! We give you short status report about Uribistan. Our People's Party with great leader Herrmann Finkelsteen controlls Uribi Lowlands, everybody is very happy about this, and biggest part of Uribi Midlands. In this moment we are NOT interested to make action in Highlands. Our heavy industries are in Lowlands, agriculture and light industries are in MIdlands. Only problem in these days is Tamayakregion, in the centre of it lays Hamasheyk with his worldwide known psycho-cybernetic institute. We heard, that in this region, which is very difficult to reach (border low- and midlands, big amount of mountains and deep ravines), there are still activities of CIA agents and other criminal elements. We have information about the building of a second Guantanamo in Hamasheyk deep wood. This is one of latest nasty tricks of worldcrimimal mister Bush. We cannot allow this. We are not Cuba. We are proud People's Republic of Uribistan. If they don't go, we throw them out. Victory to us all, Comrade Chök Hak.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Comrade Chök Hak.
You are so right. Republicans should be civilized with each other, and Socialists so much more. I hope your lovely country is going to be free and will have its peace and welfare one day.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Huhu, Manni,

weisst du dass du mich an den guten Nerone erinnert hast, wie gut er zeichnet. Er hat euch Uribiern einen kompletten Hausstand abgeliefert damals. Hochgeeignet für Forschungszwecke, auch mit Geschicklichkeitstest bzgl Lebensmittelchemie wäre denkbar

Deutsch ist doch recht, oder?