Dezember 17, 2008

Communiqué 3: National Shoe Day!

People of Uribistan! Today we have a new National Day! We call it Shoe Day! It is the day we remember this great act of the Iraqi journalist, the honourable mister Montasser al-Saidi. He made history, throwing his shoes to the worldcriminal Mister Bush. Ofcourse this is a symbolic act. It is better to throw shoes as to throw bombs. This shoes are full of the suffering of the Iraqi people. First they have suffered under the Saddam clan, now they suffer under the Dumb-Ass Administration of worldcriminal Mister Bush! Everybody in Uribistan, wearing shoes measuring 44 or 10, receives today 250 New Uribi Dollars (NUD$) from our new Uribi gouvernment! The revolution may be as big as a shoe, but one little shoe is bigger as a bad-ass bomber! Comrade Chök Hak.

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