Dezember 23, 2007

Santa Clause is black!

Your Westereners are real funny peoples witha your story about christmas. I wenta witha Hicklussar up into the Uribi highlands to geta some flying lessons for this little sensitive being and he tolda me the differenta stories abouta x-mas. In europe the Christchild is comin, in America Santa Clause is comin in Russia x-mas is two weeks later and in Israel they are still waiting for the massiah so to join the x-mas party, buta that willa take another 2000 thousand years. The Buddhists they are so relaxed they donta care, and our muslims they also celebrate the birth ofa big prophet and the heathens celebrate the shortest day. We in Uribistan celebrate the snow goose train. When all the snowgeese from Siberia comin to warmer regions we celebrate "the mystical train of summer" always in December around x-mas. The Highland shamans are to guide them through the rough and dangerous uribi mountains, this year Mat Gundo is the chosen x-mas goose guider and he will take Hicklussar, the Blogbeing of our beloved Ambassador, to this seasanol flight. We wish them to stay in the air and a not to dropa to earth. Magash!
Dearest lovely Antropsfy blogheads, Our Ambassador, Don Michele, Mr. Beatagent and mr. Sidemirror, Canailloisten, Madame Aoea, Dr. Nerone, Mr. Lampenhausen( Congratulations to the comin aftergrowth), our spaced outa Akasha chronicle girl Mr. Neugebauer, our inspiring light warrior Green-little-river his bouncer THE HAPPY BEATER and last not least our loyal Försterliesl and THE OBERFöRSTER from Lake Constance who never comments,
I embrace you and giva you all big licking kisses all over your faces and whisper in your by now wet ears MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH and let the ever diverse anthropsfy bloghead scene be a part of that.
And now a big toast to real Santa clause! Magash!!!!!!!!
Yours frändly Murat Tchundyk


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Uribi bros,
thanx for your x-mas greetings!
on the Breughel (left side of your header) you can see us, the dog and me. Big wet doggy kiss!
Lying on the sofa with the dog, reading R.Steiner on WW 1 and listening to the news about Kosovo AND the American Indian independence initiative....

Anonym hat gesagt…

It's time to give the last quarter of this years trophy to especially this blog, it's really fantastic and beating everyone! With best x-mas wishes and greetings to all of you,
Michel Gastkemper, Rotterdam

Anonym hat gesagt…

So, now I left enough space for everyone. The spirit of Chrismas means to not beat anyone. peace!

The little friends look as if they'd like some snowball fight! And some Hüttenzauber afterwards.

Murat, Mat on the other side you signed that picture. Good for the afterworld (children, young people)

Frans Neugebauer hat gesagt…

Happy x-mas to you all and I would like to read " How Mat Gundo couragousely guided the mystical geese train safely through the Uribi Highlandz". Thänx for your Uribi Culture!!!
Servus Frans