Dezember 07, 2007

U.S. citizens need your help!!!!!!!!!

It is atime of the year where a lot of charities ask for money. Especially Africa. It isa so nice to see the africans laugh with their big teeth when they get presents from us. We the white men thinka we are born to help to give bread, to give culture, to give sense and structure. Some Antroposophists thinka we also giva Ego power to other Hotentots, becausa they hava not enveloped their " I am" powers. No they donta need our Hokus Pokus.
No I ama not asking you for money for orphans in India, Africa or Uribistan, no this time I ask you for money for a "Third world country" in the middle of the U.S.A. The Biggest Indian Reservation of the world The Navaho Indian Reservation. Their governement leaves them alone. They even taka their water to hava golf courts in the desert in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson AZ.
Watch this You Tube! Let us help the citizens of the U.S.A. You thinka I maka fun. No this is freakin serious!!!!
Yours frändly Murat


Anonym hat gesagt…

Murat I do not understand you.

I have so often talked about people, and just as much told what I am doing. The effect is always the same: you never come over for a visit. I know already before I am doing anything this is whats going to happen.

Well my dear the Native Americans where strong ang healthy before the whites came, this is what they are admired for. They enjoyed life. I have heard within some hierarchy systems who count that they have reached the fifth level.

Now that they are formed to develope the I am powers of a third world nation within the USA the are, let us say, not so healthy anymore. They need help now to be the self-providers that they used to be before.

Why not leave them the way they are then they might want us for visitors and see our I am powers just for fun.

Anonym hat gesagt…

P.S.: A good link to be updated

Murat Tchundyk hat gesagt…

Dearest lovely Annette,
could you watch the You Tube before puttin comment here. I donta understanda you. Fifth level or what?
Please watch it. I canta visit you, you know that. So you donatin money to the Navaho school or not?
Yours frändly Murat

Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Murat,

I have to believe it is just like what Chris said a few months ago. You do not visit me because you are different than my readers. You do not like my blog. You want me to admire what you are doing, in particular your war activities, and if I don't I am being punished by you turning away to somebody else. I am sure you are being upset about me when you read this.

Yours sad Annette

P.S.: Look there is many native people living, or working within communities because they remind of traditional own forms of living together – as a renewed form! Some in the USA, more in Kanada. And there are so many Christians among them. Did your Mr Zander or this funny Molau guy talk with them so that they know what they think Rudolf Steiner is thinking about them? I do not have the impression. I also do not have the impression that Zander & co. offer an appropriate alternative to Steiner.

One question also: what I Element do people think Native Americans are supposed to develop within THEIR materialistic society?We do not need to test that something like this is not up to bring anything but unhappiness. One can know already before trying out. Even if meant well, or with the label "anthroposophical" on it, one cannot force someone to live against the own I Element. We are certainly free to put somebody who was born within a native community of the world within a materialistic society and then say he or she has to develop individual activities, interests and so on and if he does not, he is not worthy to live there.
It is the lack of community life that is like poison. To live in the same house with lots of people practising religion, from the very morning when you leave your room with sleepy eyes about the shared meals and the company on late evenings. To share life within a real community with people who do the same and not within a constructed one out of contracts, passports and permissions. This world appeares kotzbraungrau. Clear is only that there is no structure, and that there is not going to be a structure that tells anything else that you cannot learn Anthroposophy without Anthroposophy. One can know already before trying out that this does not bring anything about that is going to, or is supposed to, survive the durance of this existance. One has to take something worked out in earlier times, or something one hopes to incarnate in future times to be creative. There is nothing out of present reality. The longer one waits the worse this gets.