Mai 22, 2011

For our friendz in the People's Republic of China

Magash! Magash to everybody, every single man, woman anda child anda domestic animalz and otha animalz in whole worldz! Magash to the plantz anda to the stones anda the elementary beingz! If you, dear reader, watch the lida worldmap on thiz blog, you will see so many spotz all over the world people are reading us. Today, we had alot of viewz from our brothas anda sistas in Hongkong. Now Hongkong is a city with a special status in the Notsofree anda VeryOlda Republic of China. For you, anda also for all citizenz in the rest of China, the Free anda EverYoung Republic of Uribistan sendz you peace, love anda ofcourse lotz of freedom, with two lida videoz. Overstreamingz!


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