Mai 21, 2011


Magash! Well, it is late now in Uribistan, full moon is shining big over our holy Makarat mountain (thiz is real mountain Noah came with his big boat anda his animalz. 'Ararat' is a wrong writing - but because thiz mountain is much more known as our Makarat..and so on.. it does not matta). From our patio in the Hamasheyk Institute of Cyberneticz I enjoy thiz wonderful moment. But, I hava to weep a litta, without my bastardbrotha Murat Joy Tchundyk, still being emprisoned in Guantanamo - just for helping someone to carry an IKEA-Billy regal! They are completely nutz, those Americans!.

But in fact, we love America. We donta love American politicz, but we love America anda know lotz of nice Americanz. Anda: they always hava nice anda big surprisez. Here is a video-advertizement from an institute, doing same thingz as we are practising since, well, since Adam and Eve, in Uribistan anda in our Hamasheyk Institute. Justa listen anda view:

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