Mai 13, 2011

Sweet Home is far away

Magash my frändyis!
It is a hot here and in the evenings there isa thunder and lightning over the Carribean Sea. We the band " The knocked out jailbirds" are having an afroamericained warden who is our fränd Mr. Lueitenant Seargent Jackson from the bronx. He someteimes gives us some Cuban Cigars, some amps some intruments and some green substances from the Mexican Sierra Madre in order to taste the american dream of being completely free and in pursuit of Happiness but it is justa dream. Anyway you maybe realized that the bloggers on google are havin big problems hahaha Achmed is doing a great job of hacking the world wide web. Sorry folks Achmed is done with maintenace we hava now Internet on an etherick electric booty level.
Here is little tower where Mr. Jackson lives and he really likes our new music and promised us a record deal and recording sessions in the Abbey Roads. Thanks Jacko!
Listen to our new borderline music! Enjoy and send us some greetings here in Guantanamo!
His Holine$$
Murat Joy Tchundyk Sweet Home is far away by Tchundyk Productions


barbara2 hat gesagt…

in anlehnung an die doors: the end;-)

Maya hat gesagt…

Wann kann man Euch live hören?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Heimat ist doch da, wo unsere Liebsten sind, und wo man immer sein kann ohne Sorgen darum.